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Topics covered will include:

  • Creative Ops technology: building out your ecosystem
  • Change management: gaining acceptance and ‘ownership’ of new systems and approaches
  • Standardize your intake process to drive efficiencies in your workflow
  • Create effective feedback cycles: annotation, content review and approval
  • Identifying and clearing bottlenecks
  • What is necessary to make collaboration work well
  • Best practice in workflow and task management
  • Driving the business of creative production forward
  • How to manage the expansion into new media while keeping focused on your core asset production pipeline
  • Measuring the success of your team's performance 

Past sessions include:

  • Creative Operations: The Business of Managing Creative with GEOX, Forecast and ITV
  • Developing a Technical Roadmap for Creative Operations with L.L.Bean
  • A ‘How To’ Case Study: Building Digital End to End Solutions with HBO
  • Collaborating Minds and Not Files with Droga5
  • Why Every Creative Operations Team Needs an Analyst with Farfetch
  • How to Succeed Fast: juicing up your Creative Operations with AT&T
  • Making Sophisticated Modular Content for Dynamic Video Delivery with Coca-Cola



This program is in development, for a sample please view the Creative Operations NY 2017 agenda

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