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Why DAM is Important to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: David Lipsey in discussion with 
Douglas Hegley, Director of Media and Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

"An essential part of anyone's DAM journey."
Frank DeCarlo, RPR Graphics

"HS DAM provided great insights into the many aspects of DAM and how it impacts so many areas within an enterprise. We feel we are much better prepared as we move to implement a DAM."
Andy Curley, Christian Broadcasting Network

Making the Case for DAM at Elsevier: Theresa Regli of Real Story Group in conversation with Anne Lenehan, VP, Content Management, Elsevier, Inc. at the annual Henry Stewart DAM conference

"HS DAM Tutorials helped us identify our company's unique requirements to focus on, when selecting a DAM System"
John Locke, Amgen, Inc.

Talking Digital Asset Management with Tracy Askam: David Lipsey in conversation with Tracy Askam, VP, Rich Media Solutions, HP at the annual Henry Stewart DAM conference

"HS DAM is the tool to a more effective workflow for any industry interested in making profits"
Nila Bernstengel, Sesame Workshop




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