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The Henry Stewart DAM Webinar Series

Henry Stewart is developing a wide range of live, interactive complimentary webinars for our DAM community. Each webinar will last 45 - 60 minutes and include time for questions. Details on our upcoming webinars are posted below.

Remember: you can catch up on all of our past webinars with our archived recordings.

Upcoming webinars:


Preserving Corporate Memory: DAM as Institutional Repository
Thursday June 14


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DAM, while long regarded as the single source of truth sometimes originating in marketing or production environments, can also be a tool to aid in the preservation of corporate memory for an institution - helping to codify knowledge and also preserve important company information and data.  This allows organizations to avoid repeating the same old mistakes and also keeps them from re-inventing the wheel, recreating the same content or forgetting about important learnings or knowledge. 

After all, DAM helps facilitate knowledge-sharing across an organization when asset restrictions are minimized and user adoption of the tool is high.  In this webinar, we’ll cover how you can use digital asset management best practices to improve knowledge share, encourage serendipitous discovery of information, and preserve both company IP and corporate memory.  

Any organization looking to preserve memory, protect company intellectual property and avoid a digital dark age in the history of their company should make DAM as institutional repository a core strategy and objective of their digital asset management program. 


Emily Kolvitz, DAM Consultant, Librarian & Marketer, Bynder
John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors


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Bynder’s cloud-based digital asset management solution gets organizations working on the same page to effortlessly store, organize, edit, and share digital assets. With worldwide customers such as PUMA, Lacoste, and KLM, Bynder helps the world’s strongest brands achieve time savings, brand consistency, and content ROI.




Blockchain and The Future of DAM
Tuesday June 26


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Blockchain is perhaps the next technological marvel after cloud computing that has reached significant levels of adoption. Just like the DAM space has changed with the emergence of cloud computing, Blockchain 2.0 will herald a new era for DAM.

DAMs have evolved significantly and now, facilitate the management of the entire lifecycle of digital media assets – from womb to tomb. In every stage of the lifecycle, the ownership and attribution of the media assets may change. This is where Blockchain technologies comes in. 

This session discusses the massively transformative vision for Blockchain in the DAM industry, its practical applications and potential for solving interoperability challenges in DAM.


Jean Lozano, CTO, MediaValet

David Lipsey, Henry Stewart DAM Conference Chair


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MediaValet provides cloud-based digital asset management for teams looking to manage and distribute their marketing assets and collateral more effectively. With MediaValet, businesses are able to give employees, distributors and other stakeholders instant access to the company's creative, video and marketing resources, improving efficiency and boosting ROI on digital assets.