TechLab: Thursday May 11

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
The Anatomy of a Succesful (Creative Operations) Tech Rollout at Hasbro

This interactive case study presentation will highlight how Hasbro's in-house video studio was able to successfully implement, adopt and embrace the use of a technology that is now at the heart of its creative production process. You'll hear a story filled with the starts, stops and frustrations that are common to most technology rollouts. And how together the users, IT and the vendor collaborated together to leap past those hurdles to achieve success. Where success is measured by end user adoption, end user satisfaction and improvements to workflow and productivity. 

  • How success starts with a whiteboard, beer and chicken wings
  • How The User, IT and The Vendor each plays a critical role 
  • How Change Management is so complex and yet so simple 

Mark Brightman, Director Digital Technology, Hasbro
Mary Catherine Palumbos, Director of Post Product & Operations, Hasbro 
Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare 

9.40 - 10.10am
Accelerate Creative Operations: Capturing Assets and Metadata Upstream

Large-scale creative operations must effectively manage incoming content from multiple sources, teams, and partners. To do this right, brands are leveraging technology: Platforms that are flexible enough to provide multiple options for ingest, yet powerful enough to enforce an organization’s delivery requirements, often in the form of metadata enrichment/validation or file name convention rules. In this session, Sandie Roberts, VP of Content & Technology Operations at Rodale, will discuss how she uses technology to streamline ingestion and optimize content for downstream delivery and usage.

Sandie Roberts, VP of Content & Technology Operations, Rodale
David Iscove, Creative Operations Specialist, globaledit

3.50 - 4.20pm
How to Scale High Quality, High Volume, High Velocity, E-commerce and Social Media Photo Production

As the visual content needs from brands and retailers get more sophisticated with the development of e-commerce and social media, this session will address the fundamentals and some cutting-edge practices to create and scale high productivity, high quality and aspirational e-commerce and social media photography. This session is geared towards a Marketing, Digital/E-commerce, Creative Services and Photo Production audience.

Gilles Rousseau, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Splashlight

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