Speaker: Jennifer Candelario

Company: Droga5

Position: Head of IT

Jennifer Candelario is the Head of IT at Droga5, a creative and strategic advertising agency headquartered in New York, with an office in London. Candelario started her career 20 years ago, pulling film for a print shop in Brooklyn, before moving on to manage studios in advertising. Jennifer joined Droga5 as employee number seven, when the agency was founded in 2006. Since then, she has worked to ensure that the agency’s technological infrastructure matches its rapid growth.

Her responsibilities include working closely with architects and construction managers to build out the IT infrastructure needed for the agency’s expansion at 120 Wall Street, as well as leading various teams from DevOps Group, Security, Telecommunications and Repairs, among others. Her leadership guides her team to execute scalable and effective platforms that maintain digital assets, security, policies and workflows, allowing Droga5 to be the creative and strategic force it is known to be. It is her eclectic and nontraditional background and her ability to efficiently problem-solve complex issues that have influenced the thinking behind her team’s success.

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