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8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast - Exhibition Opens

Breakfast Briefing: How to Win Hearts & Minds with Creative Operations Excellence

Proving value to the C-Suite and achieving adoption in the studio

Delivering a system that meets the needs and expectations of creatives, marketers and finance is no easy task. 

Join this session and hear about the experience of implementing a marketing operations system to transform the way different functional groups collaborate when bringing products and campaigns to market. 

Learn how the briefing process has been re-invented to deliver cost savings and understand how creative workflows are being made smarter by pulling in the right people, at the right time, resulting in less meetings and more productivity. 

Speakers: Fergus Ashe, Chief Commercial Officer, Screendragon
Kathryn Douglas, Manager, Global Digital Platforms, The Kellogg Company

9:00 am

Welcome to the Conference

Conference Chair:
Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential

9:10 am


Staying Relevant in a Fast Paced Tech Driven World: Achieving In-House Success

Join Charissa Messer, leader of Bank of America’s award winning in-house agency (ECS), for a lively discussion about how she keeps the agency relevant while delivering growth and change. 

During this Keynote session, Charissa will share her pragmatic approach with stories depicting ECS’ journey.

Along the way, she will discuss: 

  • ECS’ roots and core strengths
  • Tech solutions to drive integrated workflow tools, reduce risk and deliver speed to market
  • People and sharing

Charissa Messer, SVP, In-House Agency (ECS) Executive, Bank of America

9:40 am

The Power of Video: From TV to TV+

Video and technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade paving a new way to consume the news. The days of sitting in front of the tube at 5 o'clock waiting for the news is over - we are now getting alerts in the moment, on a variety of platforms and devices. 

This session will show how Bloomberg took the power of video and evolved from a live streaming product on the Bloomberg Terminal to other platforms such as Apple TV and TicToc on social media.

Join Dana Ucciferri as she explains how they took cross-industry technology and a convergence of content to provide viewers with an intelligent output on their platform of choice.

Dana Ucciferri, Head of Video Operations, Bloomberg

10:10 am

Constructing Purpose-Built Creative Teams

The growing number and complexity of marketing channels has increased demand for agile, multi-functional creative (and project management) teams.

Brands require a more immediate and steady revenue stream to underpin critical business decisions. Yet, most still aspire to be a bigger part of your daily life; they understand the power of brand as the foundation to their architecture of future growth and success.

In response, our charge has been to build agile creative teams capable of supporting performance marketing in harmony with highly-conceptual, brand building campaign work. One team, featuring varied skillsets, built for purpose. The result has been a team better positioned to conform to the immediate and longer-term challenges of the business, but always engaged and with efficiency.

Sarah Juselius, Director of Creative Operations, DraftKings
Bill Weiss, Director of Creative Operations, HelloFresh

10:40 am

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11:20 am

What's in your Creative Ops Toolbox?

In today’s creative environment, every successful marketing and creative leader has their own key "tools" which help them sort through the complexity that modern day creative execution demands. 

Many think of these as their “Swiss army knife for success”. Automated Workflow, Data Analysis, Agile Methodology, and Business Acumen are a few examples of the "tools" that these leaders depend on to be successful. 

Join this interactive panel discussion, as we use a scenario-based format to go behind the curtain and explore which tools these industry professionals have identified as must haves for their Creative Ops Toolbox.

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
David Iscove, Solution Architecture & Implementation Manager, globaledit
Peter Johnston, CEO, Kalo
Lauren Luscombe, Creative Resource Director, Netspend
Carrie Roberts, Studio Resource Manager, Global Design Operations, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc

12:20 pm

Achieving Creative Empowerment: Demand what you Bought

Buying and deploying enterprise-class marketing technology is a unique challenge. It requires a high degree of IT knowledge to understand the technology that goes into the implementation, yet it’s procured for end-users who often have little technical background such as marketing professionals and creatives.

Creatives, in particular, typically have a minority voice in the process. While promised appealing capabilities at the beginning of a technology initiative, they're often disappointed with the end result. However, creatives – and marketing users in general – have a critically important voice in the overall deployment process, one that in many respects determines the ultimate success or failure of the initiative itself.

This session will explore ways to mitigate the gap between the initial promise and the eventual disappointment that often occurs during marketing technology initiatives, with focus on getting the best results for creative teams. From gathering requirements and vetting potential vendors through system design, implementation and rollout, we'll discuss tactics to ensure that when it's all said and done, creatives, marketing and IT are all happy.

Francisco Ruiz, SVP of Practice Development & Advisory Services, EMMsphere

12:50 pm

Lunch & Visit the Exhibition

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2:20 pm

No Advanced Technology? No Budget? No Analyst? No Problem! Starting a Metrics Program is as easy as 1, 2, 3

A metrics program is one of the hallmarks of a maturing Creative Operations department.

Metrics can help you justify more resources, improve your team’s efficiency, give you leverage when you need to push back, build credibility with leadership, and support data-driven decision-making across your whole organization. 

It’s hard though, right? Nope! If you (or anyone on your team) can count, you can totally do this. This session will show you how to start from scratch using three dead simple steps and resources you already have.

Amy Strickland, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Creative Operations, Sam’s Club

2:50 pm

In-House vs Out: Agencies, Vendors, Freelancers and Headcount - Oh My!

As we are all tasked with larger volume production in a shorter time frame, for less cost, how do we decide what to keep in-house and what to send to agencies, vendors and other partners? Once we build these decisions into our strategy, how do we best collaborate with these groups to achieve success?   

Join this panel session as we explore how organizations achieve the right balance and share their tips for successful collaboration with the key stakeholders involved.  

Topics will include: 

  • In-house vs out-of-house: building a strategy
  • Demand Management: forecasting job role demand and the allocation of resources
  • Budgeting
  • Partner selection and management
  • Building and maximizing relationships

Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner, Forecast
Rachel Levine, Director of Creative Services, Lloyd&Co
Frederic Sanuy, Director of Marketing and Partner Programs, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH
Clifford Stevens, Director, Creative Operations - In House Agency, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Amy Strickland, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Creative Operations, Sam’s Club

3:40 pm

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4:20 pm

Fast & Furious...does it always have to be this way?

From Project Intake through to Final Metrics

Join this interactive session as we cover the fundamentals required to help you drive operational excellence in your creative organization. 

Designed to empower everyone working in Creative Operations to gain efficiencies in their workflow by simplifying the way work gets done. You will learn how to identify the bottlenecks, standardize your process and leverage key metrics to showcase your team’s value.

Topic highlights include: 

  • Identifying your blind spots 
  • Setting up your intake process to yield actionable insights
  • Resource Planning and Optimization
  • The art and science of Data Story Telling

Leave this interactive session equipped with the tools necessary to make change and transform the way work gets done.

Session leaders:
Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Alisha Garfinkel, Director of Integrated Production, Prudential
Matt Hynes, Associate Manager, Creative Operations, Prudential

5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

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