Speaker: Gabriel Ables

Company: Boy Scouts of America

Position: Digital Experience Sr. PM

Gabe Ables began his career as a newspaper photographer for a Gannet daily where he was among the generation of journalists who transitioned from film to digital-based cameras. An ever-present drive to learn more led him to post-graduate work in design and digital communications before he began a career in printing more than 15 years ago. While working in electronic prepress departments repairing designers’ files, Gabe again found himself in the middle of a digital transformation as printers shifted from film to direct-to-plate systems. Gabe implemented workflows, pre-press systems and file repositories while working for printers in Florida and then Texas which is how he started at the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) more than 11 years ago. At the BSA, Gabe has led customer support teams and numerous projects that have reduced the organization’s costs and dependency on paper while supporting the many creative departments that produce content. Most recently he has established a content management team and led the transition from two legacy content systems to a single DAM to support the digital strategy of the organization.

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