Speaker: Carin Forman

Company: Home Box Office, Inc.

Position: Director, Digital Photo Services

Carin has more than twenty five years experience in digital asset management, information technology, broadcast, media, entertainment, international and marketing using DAM technology and workflows. Having started her career at CNN in London, she moved back to the United States to join Discovery Communications in 1990. There she held many diversified roles from International Sales and Marketing, to copywriting, Home Videos product design and international print campaigns for their terrestrial broadcasters. Carin also worked with the cinematographers and photographers in selecting the needed imagery, graphics and logos for marketing campaigns for Discovery’s Home Video and international print materials for MIP, MIPCOM and the Cannes Film Festival.

Having frequently to locate photography, graphics, logos and footage for promotional campaigns, Carin recognized a void in their systems and wrote a business plan to start a Digital Asset Management department and footage archive called Discovery Images. That initiative launched in September of 1996, serving over 300 users. In that capacity, Carin’s team digitally uploaded, meta-tagged and indexed Discovery’s owned footage assets into a repository for staff and producers.

Carin was with Discovery Communications until April of 2009 when she joined Home Box Office (HBO) as the Director of Digital Media in HBO’s IT Application Development department. In that role Carin had technical responsibility for HBO’s Digital Asset Management system, the Digital Library and a document management application, Xpedio. Having supported her business clients in Creative Services & Marketing, Carin moved within HBO to the Creative Marketing Department in 2011, where she currently holds the position of Director, Digital Photo Services. In that role Carin oversees the full image lifecycle for HBO and Cinemax, where her team shoots, produces, approves, retouches, ingests and help distribute over 1 Million assets annually, supporting such platforms as print, Billboards, HBO.com, HBO GO/NOW, Social Media to include FaceBook, Snapchat, Twitter as well as International and HBO’s distribution partners. In her free time Carin enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys skiing, tennis, travel and laughter.

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