Speaker: Debra Risner

Company: Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Position: Creative Digital Asset Director

Debra Risner is the Creative Digital Asset Director at Hallmark Cards, Inc. She is responsible for the leadership, strategic vision, and oversight of the Digital Asset Management organization. Her team’s accountability extends to all global users of Hallmark’s enterprise DAM which encompasses the rich creative content collection Hallmark has developed for the last 100+ years. The collection includes writing, photography, illustration, hand lettering, multimedia, and product design. She maintains close relationships with key technology and business partners to align policies, procedures, workflows, and expectations about effective governance and strategic utilization of Hallmark’s creative assets.

Debra's approach stems from a somewhat unconventional background for DAM. A lifelong student of human behavior and communication, her career has centered on helping people connect and communicate in meaningful ways. In 15 years at Hallmark, she’s held many roles—from editorial director, to product innovation leader, to writing studio manager, to emotioneer—always decoding the DNA of relationships and how behaviors and messages can improve individual well-being and the health of human connections. Debra sees continuity between DAM and her other roles: “Effective Digital Asset Management is about bringing shared clarity, providing a trusted source of information that streamlines working relationships and makes us all more effective,” she says. “I’m passionate about Hallmark's mission of enriching lives every day. This amazing content is key to helping people strengthen their connections…and DAM is key to keeping the content flowing.”

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