TechLab: Day One - Thursday May 3

8.00 - 8.45am

The Chick-fil-A Studio: Using DAM to Make Your Brand Part of Every Community


Chick-fil-A continues to be a brand committed to being meaningful in the lives of their customers and the communities in which they serve. The company has brought that same commitment to its Digital Asset Management strategy, partnering with over 2,200 restaurants. Julie Adams, Sr. Consultant for Digital Platforms, will take us through the Chick-fil-A journey to launch The Studio – a marketing platform that empowers franchisees to represent the brand and stay committed to community-first service at every location. The Studio empowers franchisees to match the unique flavor of each community, with flexible templates and access to a constantly evolving library of Chick-fil-A's most valuable brand assets (yes, including the famous cows). Join this exclusive Breakfast Briefing to learn how they did it.

Julie Adams, Senior Consultant, Digital Platforms, Chick-fil-A
Kevin Groome, Founder, Pica9, Inc. 

9.40 - 10.10am
How to Sync Capture Software to Embed and Deliver Custom Metadata into your DAM

In this TechLab, David Iscove, Solution Architect for globaledit, will show you strategies to collect custom metadata prior to the point of capture in order to embed and deliver valuable product data to downstream users of a DAM.

David Iscove, Solution Architect, globaledit

10.10 - 10.40am
Manage and Deliver Engaging Assets Across Channels for your Brand

Many enterprises are using DAM as the content hub for their marketing and customer experience operations. This is the repository of truth for your organization.

In 2018 how do you reach a new level of experience with DAM? Your DAM system has to enable marketers, creatives, agencies, and merchants to collaborate on the creation and approval of content that drives brand experiences across all channels. At the end of the journey you need to measure the performance of your campaigns through custom advanced KPIs.

Frédéric Sanuy, Director of Marketing & Partner Programs Enterprise Solutions, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH


10.50 - 11.20am
Elevate Your Brand More Quickly and Easily

Creating an effective DAM to help you manage your brand can take a lot of time and energy to execute and govern. So, tips and tools designed to streamline the process are needed to help you save time, increase consistency, ensure asset usage compliance, and deliver a strong brand. 

Join us and see the key ways our solution makes it easier for you to set up an effective, easy-to-use DAM that works within your existing systems using artificial intelligence, automation, and customization tools.

James Grace, Senior Systems Engineer, Extensis


11.20 - 12.20pm
Three Billboards and a Photo Shoot – Digital Rights Management for Your DAM – A Hands-On Experience

Photo shoots are complex projects which often involve multiple rights holders such as photographers, models, brands and location owners. When running a campaign, it’s critical to understand the rights associated with a particular photo in order to know whether you can use it or not. And what if that campaign was global and omnichannel – from billboard in the US to videos on Instagram across the world? 

In this tech lab presentation, Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management at FADEL, will walk us through from concept to content to distribution, illustrating how multiple rights holders can dictate where and how you use your photos (or videos) while sharing tips on how to capture and clear the content rights. You will have the opportunity to go hands-on and explore all of these real-world scenarios from directly within Rights Cloud by FADEL. We will also ask some of our customers to share their rights management use cases. Topics will include:

  • Territory rights that become important when taking campaigns global
  • Expiration dates which may affect re-use of assets over time
  • Usage allowance which can be restricted by date, channel or frequency
  • How to secure assets via watermarks and other means of preventing misuse
  • Searching for assets based on variable criteria to determine availability

Join us for an informative and fun look at the complicated process of managing content rights while going from photo shoot to billboard.

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

1.15 - 1.45pm 

Stanley Black & Decker: Building DAM Excellence

Join renowned Fortune 500 brand Stanley Black & Decker as they share their DAM journey. Hear their lessons learned as they continue to evolve their use of DAM to:

  • Consolidate global assets across their broad product portfolio
  • Tackle share-ability, findability and standardization
  • Enable partners with a brand portal
  • Integrate with other solutions in their MarTech stack
  • Facilitate internal change management and adoption

Plus, they’ll share highlights of their current DAM projects and future plans to further support their digital transformation goals.

Anjali Yakkundi
, Product Marketing Director, Aprimo

Carter Sieck
, Global Senior Manager, Sales Technologies, Stanley Black & Decker
Chris Teer
, Sr. Digital Platform Manager, Stanley Black & Decker


1.50 - 2.20pm
Life After Implementation

Over the life of your solution, you will spend more time, money and effort making changes to your solution than when you first implemented it and rolled it out!  Why is this?  Because once you go live, users have moved in and are using the solution to support their real day-to-day work activities. You will now need to shift your change management focus from end user “buy-in” (during implementation) to end user “adoption” (post implementation). We will be sharing best practices for developing a post implementation “Solution Change Management” model that will streamline your process for managing solution change requests and will maximize user adoption. Keep your solution aligned to your business and your users aligned to your solution.

Craig Beall, President, COO, EMMsphere
Chris Kahler, CEO, EMMsphere

2.20 - 2.50pm
Back to the future: Putting DAM at the Center of your Digital Transformation

A year ago at DAM New York 2017, we shared a vision for the technical foundations of the future of DAM: perfect content visibility across silos without migration, cloud innovations like AI tagging, native workflows that are easy to change, configuration that simplifies adapting your DAM over time, and more.

This year we’re heading back to the future to tackle the wider question: how does DAM fit into the business of the future, and how can you leverage DAM to get you there faster (Spoiler alert: you don’t need a flux capacitor.)

We’ll give you step-by-step milestones for the journey, and share real-world examples from retail, CPG, technology, media, and banking customers that are already on the path.

Whether you’re just starting on your DAM journey or a seasoned traveler, join us for a look ahead!

Uri Kogan, VP Product Marketing, Nuxeo


2.50 - 3.20pm
The Truth Behind Facial Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming increasingly accessible to businesses who are looking to improve workflow efficiency. But while some may say that it now only takes a single face to teach a facial recognition model, there is still much more involved -- the type of content, number of points, the accuracy of the model, and the ability to train on a dataset. Join this TechLab session to learn what really goes into building effective facial recognition models.

John Motz, CTO, GrayMeta


3.50 - 4.20pm
Come see me build an app in 30mins

Traditional DAM systems allow you to store media files with metadata.

What if your DAM could easily be configured to store any content type: product data, recipes, customers case or anything you need for storytelling content?

We will demonstrate how we live configure a custom content type, build a UX and API, all in a quick paced 30' session.

Tom De Ridder, Co-Founder and CTO, STYLELABS


TechLab: Day Two - Friday May 4

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
Now that you've chosen your DAM, how do you maximize its potential?

A guided walk through of how to implement and expand your DAM to ensure that you maximize the value from it as you take on new use-cases, workflows and departments. The presentation will cover best practices and pitfalls to avoid both from a business and technical perspective to ensure the success of the solution for years to come.

Tim Day, Principal Consultant, OnPrem Solution Partners

9.30 - 10.00am
Drive Your Marketing Tech – discover the engine that makes your graphic assets dynamic

“-ization” is the very core of digital transformation. Localization, customization, personalization, and many others continue to disrupt marketing today. Processing graphic assets the right and brand-consistent way is elementary. Start with any asset or document, convert it into an intelligent template and output new graphic assets for use in your omnichannel strategy. Discover how CHILI publisher - the Universal Graphics Engine - can drive your business.

Kevin Goeminne, CEO, CHILI publish 


10.50 - 11.20am
DAM 3.0: Intelligent, Connected, and Automated Asset Management

The Digital Asset Management space is evolving more quickly than ever, with new types of content, tools, and experiences showing up every day. Are you prepared to handle the 3D content that is powering emerging VR/AR experiences? Are you equipped to take advantage of the efficiencies machine learning and AI can bring to DAM? Are you leveraging the most up-to-date, streamlined workflows between your Creative and Marketing teams?

Don’t be left in the DAM dust. Come join us for this session to learn about the newest trends and best practices surrounding modern Asset Management in 2018, where we’ll cover:

  • How to unlock creativity with optimized Creative Workflows
  • How to discover what’s hidden with AI-powered smarter asset management
  • How to automate experiences with machine learning and channel-agnostic content - at scale

Carly Chuich, Solutions Consultant, AEM Specialist, Adobe

11.20 - 11.50am
Blockchain and the future of DAM

Blockchain is perhaps the next technological marvel after cloud computing that has reached significant levels of adoption. Just like the DAM space has changed with the emergence of cloud computing, Blockchain 2.0 will herald a new era for DAM.

DAMs have evolved significantly and now, facilitate the management of the entire lifecycle of digital media assets – from womb to tomb. In every stage of the lifecycle, the ownership and attribution of the media assets may change. This is where Blockchain technologies comes in. 

This session discusses the massively transformative vision for Blockchain in the DAM industry, its practical applications and potential for solving interoperability challenges in DAM.

Jean Lozano, CTO, MediaValet
Ralph Windsor, Project Director, Daydream  & Editor, DAM News


11.50 - 12.20pm 

Are You Having Asset Distribution Chaos Nightmares? 

Are you losing sleep over making sure that the right channels get the right content at the right time? OpenText Media Management Digital Hub provides a new and easy way to automate distribution of assets through creation of targeted microsites and brand portals that can be individually branded, configured and automatically deployed with no IT assistance. Join this session for a look under the hood to see what organizations can do with Digital Hub. Learn about features, use cases, and the unlimited potential for this Media Management functionality.

Tom Brown, Solution Consultant Manager, OpenText
Michael Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText


12.20 - 12.50pm
Content Protection Strategies: Web Surveillance and Digital Watermarks

Brand Protect and Digimarc will be teaming up and exploring strategies for securing digital assets, highlighting the different types of threats, they their organizations see manage on a daily basis. This 30-minute session will focus on how your organization can monitor for and protect against these threats using web surveillance and digital watermarking technology. 

Elyse Neumann, Director of Operations, BrandProtect
Mike Sturm, Communications and Relationship Manager, Digimarc


1.15 - 1.45pm
How the White House Manages a DAM Accessible to Millions

Scalability and accessibility is the hurdle all successful organizations face. The cloud is transforming the digital landscape everywhere, making DAM software available to the mass, but most importantly enabling DAM archives to bring history, art, and artifacts into the hands of millions of people. Learn how the White House Historical Association digitalized years of historical archives and made these available in a digital public library. 
The story from governance, licensing, metadata administration from the library director Stephanie Tuszynski.

Anne Gretland, CEO, FotoWare
Stephanie Tuszynski, Library Director, The White House Historical Association


1.50 - 2.20pm
Multi-Dimensional vs. Linear DAM: Drastically Speed Time to Market and Increase ROI 

Over the last five years, DAM technology has evolved drastically - from robust search and sort to linear production workflow and sharing engines. But the real future of DAM lies in multi-dimensional tools that work in tandem with smart workflows to support multi-layered production and deployment. These powerful, tools not only help move assets along your content pipeline but create and syndicate assets faster than ever before, with less reliance on skilled artists and editors for simplified production work.
In this Northplains’ TechTalk you will learn more about emerging tools and editors that:
  • Help you create, translate, resize and edit approved assets for single click omnichannel and regional deployment
  • Share and distribute in progress assets faster than ever before with external offices and vendors
  • The need for speed and the future of Cloud 2.0 and inter-office connectivity within the DAM

Todd Eckler, CRO, Northplains


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