Speaker: Molly Madson

Company: Best Buy

Position: Marketing Manager, Creative Services Operations

Molly is a Senior Marketing Manager on Best Buy’s Creative Operations team, who uses her superpowers in marketing, collaboration, and digital strategy to guide the ongoing evolution of Best Buy’s DAM ecosystem. Molly helped stand up Best Buy’s latest DAM tool, including the creation of a new metadata schema that fuels up and down stream systems, as well as process development and implementation for creative workflow within the tool that supports critical Best Buy marketing initiatives.

Molly also formed a new metadata discipline and governance model within Best Buy to create rigor and best practices around metadata entry and audit, and to enable Best Buy DAM users quickly find and access the assets they need.

Molly’s goal is to unlock the value of the DAM tool by working with creative teams to understand their objectives and pain points, and implementing solutions that support the intersection of technology, efficiency and user experience. Her 20 years of agency and corporate work in support of the creative process and people have given her the perspective and wisdom to be an effective DAM champion.

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