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8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast - Exhibition Opens

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Breakfast Briefing: Implementing DAM within the Marketing Supply Chain

Please join us at 8.00am.

Companies have dreamed about getting control of all their marketing and advertising assets at a global, regional and local level for years. Large DAM initiatives have tried to take on the challenge, with varying degrees of success. Recently, CPG and Retail leaders have been developing more capabilities in-house and relying less on third party services for creative. Add in increased omni-channel complexity and a landscape emerges which requires an integrated ecosystem that increases core asset ROI globally.

This session will explore ways marketers can create an ecosystem built around centralized DAM that can accurately track digital assets from creation to consumption. The general theme is that it's now time for both companies and partners to bring more comprehensive platforms to the table. Based on interviews with marketing leaders across multiple industries, several key ideas will be discussed including challenges in building effective marketing supply chains, how to incorporate vendors and service providers, and why now there is a need for the marketing supply chain.

Faisal Mahmoud, Principal, OnPrem

9:00 am

DAM Keynotes

Welcome from Conference Chair, David Lipsey

Creative Operations

Welcome from Conference Chair, Kevin Brucato

Your DAM Journey

9:10 am

In the Future, Anything that can be Automated... will be

The future of electronic media is increasingly segmented and targeted. That means the future of electronic communication will be increasingly dynamic, and therefore modular, with machines doing as much of the brute force labor as they can handle. This has huge implications for how content is both created, and managed. As remits expand and expectations rise, asset management practices have to evolve with market forces. Join Nick as he looks at recent innovations in media and creative development practices that we can expect to affect our industry in the near and medium term.

Nick Felder, Owner, Founder, Felder Media Ventures

Building Your Tribe - Motivating Creative Teams in an Efficiency-Driven Workplace

More companies are moving creative work in-house than ever before. But, making the decision to go in-house and building an internal design team is just the first step. In order to create a highly-effective creative workforce, companies must figure out how to motivate and inspire teams while dealing with the everyday churn and challenges of doing business.

Churn and change reduce your team’s motivation and focus, while negatively impacting your ability to deliver exceptional creative results at scale. But those problems can be overcome as long as your Creative Operations practice starts with a community of people who believe and trust you. 

Whether you're planning to build an internal design team, or looking to effectively motivate the one you have, it’s critical to focus on building around a sense of common purpose and community. In this presentation, Marcus Pape of Amazon will share lessons learned from plenty of wins, and even more mistakes, and offer up practical insights for winning over your teams and mobilizing them into action.

Marcus Pape, Head of Global Design – Brand Systems & Creative Optimization, Amazon

How to Select the Right DAM

It's about time we stopped asking the unanswerable question: “What is the BEST digital asset management system?"

Despite all the vendor marketing hype and so-called "objective" white paper publications, there is no one "best" system: there's one that's right for YOU, your business needs, your technical requirements, your integration points, and your budget. And even then, no system or vendor is perfect. You need to know the risks going in, and plan to mitigate them accordingly.

If you're new to DAM, you need to make sure you consider many aspects of the market carefully. If you're not so new to DAM, the system and vendor that was right for you four years ago may not be the right one now - perhaps you have moved on, but your vendor hasn't kept up with the curve. 

This session will feature an independent, objective, and rapid-fire intensive on the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace, with a high-level view of what DAM vendors have to offer you.

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group

9:40 am

DAM Tips, Tricks and Ways to make your Photography engage Consumers across Print, Digital and Social Platforms

Take an in-depth look at a digital end to end photography lifecycle from ingest to managing metadata and platform distribution. How one can stay cutting edge in today’s digital age by leveraging new photographic techniques, behind the scene imagery, burst photography, GIFs, image animation and digital asset management to help enhance messaging, and lead marketing, social and key art campaigns.

Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office, Inc.

A Studio's Heartbeat: Efficiency Beyond Metrics

Even the most advanced creative machines require the grease of a humane, vibrant culture. Not a "nice-to-have" but rather a necessary practice, building a strong studio culture improves output, drives ROI, and empowers efficiency. In this talk, Andy introduces a framework for operationalizing culture, showing you how service leadership, a diverse and extended crew, a sense of place, and process development come together to make a team and their products sing.

Andrew Coulter Enright, Vice President of Brand Creative, Cole Haan

Making the DAM thing work for the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Procuring a DAM system is only half the battle. There are fundamental changes that must happen in an organization to sustain the system and ensure that it will succeed. These include securing stakeholder support and involvement, and designating a dedicated system administrator to drive adoption and lead the rollout process. 

Join Jennifer Pflaumer and Meredith Reese as they discuss the steps that made their DAM system adoption a success, what makes building a DAM for an orchestra unique, and what benefits a dedicated digital asset manager brings to the process.

Jennifer Pflaumer, Principal, Paroo
Meredith Reese, Digital Asset Manager, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

10:10 am

DAM must Harmonize - The what, why and how of systems integration

As for people so for software systems – harmony makes for a better workplace.

But how do you achieve perfect harmony of your DAM and all your other systems? 

We don’t want yet another siloed piece of technology. We don’t want more headaches and potential for error in workflows and content delivery. 

Whether the organization is vertical, horizontal, global, national, goods or services focused or something else, integration is based on local requirements - there is no universal solution

It’s true achieving harmony may seem a daunting task. 

After this presentation, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the different types of data that would be good to share with your DAM and what your DAM should share with other systems. You’ll know the key questions to ask when determining integrations, what systems would be good to integrate with one another and how to integrate them. In short: you’ll bring harmony to the data space.

Chris Leaman, Managing Director US, MSP

Operationalizing the Creative

Rebuilding Creative Operations at S&P Global: the People, Process, and Platforms 

Whether you are in the initial, unknown stages of building your team or have made it through the murky waters and landed on a reorganized model, rebuilding a creative operation is often a daunting endeavor. 

Join Shani Sandy as she shares her team’s transformation journey – rebuilding an essential creative and design discipline for a 150+ year-old global brand – with key words of advice and tools of practice she has unearthed along the way. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Evaluating the optimal organizational build, structure, and roles
  • Developing a workflow
  • Identifying a project management tool
  • Rebuilding while maintaining ‘business as usual’
  • Managing expectations of the team, business partners, and executives

Shani Sandy, Executive Design Leader, IBM

Setting Course after the Launch: Meeting the top ten challenges most frequently encountered

You have done your due diligence, chosen the technology, engaged your technology partners, scoped your requirements, tested your platform and launched.  Is it plain sailing? What could be better?  Is it ‘all’s right with the world’ and your company’s DAM platform?  Can you sit back, relax, gather the accolades and the metrics to prove that your DAM is working as designed and promised?

No you can’t!  Join John DeMarco, 3M Company, to discuss the ongoing challenges and pitfalls of DAM in a large enterprise. Learn what can and does go wrong. The issues that management and other stakeholders raise. The ongoing challenges of DAM and how to meet them. The art of staying afloat.

John A. DeMarco, Manager - Digital Marketing Operations, 3M Corporate Marketing-Sales

10:40 am

Refreshments & Visit the Exhibition

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10:50 am

TechLab: From the Creative Team to the Consumer - How to ensure a high fidelity and high performance visual experience with DAM

with Cloudinary

Digital Asset Management systems can help your creative and marketing teams collaborate to create a perfectly engaging visual story for your brand. And yet, most traditional DAM solutions afford marketers no visibility into the actual quality and performance of your message as it's delivered in the real world - on your website, in your ad campaigns, and on a consumer's device.

That high quality image or video you worked so hard to create, and looked so good sitting in your DAM? It may completely miss its mark when finally seen by the consumer - suffering from a host of pitfalls - from poor quality to tragically wrong crops to incorrect resolution to poor load times.

In this session, we'll investigate best practices and learn practical tips and tricks used by iconic brands and startups today to move beyond simple "store & share" approaches to digital asset management. By implementing a dynamic approach to visual assets you can increase asset re-use, automate creation of asset variants, and ensure a consistent, high-fidelity dynamic experience on every channel, every device, everywhere.

Robert Moseley, Director - Solutions Engineering, Cloudinary

11:20 am

DAM Ninja

Master Data Management and what it means for DAM

MDM has been a hot acronym for the past few years, with many large organizations in particular looking to drive metadata from a single authoritative source.

The ideal of "metadata as a service" to multiple applications, including DAM, is one of the great challenges of the modern technological landscape. So how do you go about it? How can DAM use and interact with a master data model that lives elsewhere in the enterprise? What read vs. write rules should you follow?

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Jody Coghlan, SVP, Director of Digital Assets and Media Management COE, Bank of America | Enterprise Creative Solutions
John A. DeMarco, Manager - Digital Marketing Operations, 3M Corporate Marketing-Sales
Caitlin O'Connor, Senior Manager, Metadata & Taxonomy, The Walt Disney Company

Creative Operations

Need for Speed vs. Quality Control – a Creative Ops Dilemma?

Keeping up with today’s appetite for content is a challenge for creative and marketing teams. Couple that with an ever increasing demand for real-time publishing and Creative Ops leaders have to think carefully about how they structure teams, manage intake and harness technology. 

In this context, is there an optimum balance of speed and quality? How do you go about measuring creative work in the first place? Analytics help you track what is working and what is not but what else should you be taking into account? 

Once the equilibrium between speed and quality is found, how you structure all this work becomes crucial. Org design, intake processes, resourcing, demand management and tech all need to be fine-tuned. Join this panel session as we pick the brains of four Creative Ops Pros to find out how.  

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Charissa Messer, SVP, In-House Agency (ECS) Executive, Bank of America
John Mummert, Assistant Director Visual Content, Global Content and Media Distribution, United States Golf Association
Travis O'Neal, Director of Creative Operations, Aquent Studios
Kate Sullivan Green, Senior Creative Operations Director, Pandora

Your DAM Journey

The Great DAM Bake Off

The Great DAM Bake Off is a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest digital asset management solutions. Attendees will help crown the "DAM San Diego 2018 Tastiest DAM" in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos showing how their systems address specific business use cases.

An expert panel of judges will offer commentary, both attendees and the judges can ask tough questions, but YOU vote for the winner. Which system soufflé will rise to the top?

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group
Rich Carroll, Technical Consultant, IO Integration, Inc.
John Florance, Dam Practice Manager, Risetime Technologies
Stephen DeShong, Senior Sales Advisor, Widen
Johannes Von Allworden, Marketing Communications Specialist, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH
Addison Wasson, Solutions Architect, MediaBeacon, Inc.

12:20 pm

Machine Learning and AI tools in the DAM Landscape

Auto-tagging, machine learning, and so-called Artificial Intelligence tools are now bleeding into the DAM world, with no lack of hype and excitement. There are a number of services offered by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others that enable auto-tagging of assets, but how do they really work and are they really useful for you?

This session reviews the different options for auto-tagging and machine learning technologies working in symbiosis with your DAM.

Thomas Eusterholz, Co-founder, AI Integrations

Making Sure Your MarTech Plays Nice Together

And Ditching The Ones That Don't! 

Most marketing budgets have been increasing and a lot of that money is going to new technologies. That means that we are implementing, automating, and – theoretically – integrating. But does all of your MarTech actually play nicely together?

Get the tools you need to streamline your tech so you're only paying for the most useful solutions while maximizing their full potential, and thus your team’s efficiency. You will walk away from this presentation with the top 3 actionable items on how to get your technology to work well together so you aren't left with data silos, duplicated efforts, or missing tools. Get your tech stacked. 

Sarah Iskander, Chief Executive Officer, gateB Consulting

From LAN to DAM - How we migrated 1 Million+ Photos

How do you convert a group of staff and freelance photographers from LAN storage to a fully managed DAM solution?  The short answer is not overnight…especially when you have to first build the DAM.

This session will go over how Salt River Power, an Arizona public utility, was able to migrate their Creative Service team’s 1.3 million photos from a network share to a fully managed DAM solution.

Join Bill and Glenn as they dive into their project including insights into what worked and didn’t work during their merger of creative and technology services into an enterprise solution. 

Bill Garmen, Video Systems Coordinator, Salt River Project
Glenn Woodard, Senior Analyst, IT Systems, Salt River Project

12:35 pm

Adoption: It’s about the People not just the Technology - Change Management Lessons Learned with Kellogg’s

A new process or tool is useless without adoption. So how do you ensure that you capture and keep all audiences engaged?

Join Kathy Douglas of Kellogg and Fergus Ashe of Screendragon as they share some practical strategies Kellogg’s uses to secure success in the adoption of new ways of working.

Kathryn Douglas, Manager, Global Digital Platforms, The Kellogg Company
Introduced by:
Fergus Ashe, Chief Commercial Officer, Screendragon

12:50 pm

Lunch & Visit the Exhibition

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1:15 pm

TechLab: Not All DAMs are Equal: Excel with Enterprise

with Adobe

Meeting the needs of your organization both today and tomorrow can be a challenge. However, many organizations make that task more difficult by purchasing a smaller, cheaper DAM that barely addresses their current challenges, let alone the challenges posed by embracing newer, more modern ways of working. An enterprise-grade organization needs an enterprise-grade digital asset management system, with the necessary scalability, governance and automation to eliminate busywork and drive revenue at every level of the enterprise.

Join us for this TechLab session to learn what defines a truly enterprise-grade digital asset management system, including:

  • Automation at scale: the ability to automate tasks and eliminate tedium at the enterprise level
  • Scalability & Extendability: the ability to integrate with all necessary enterprise systems to deliver on the promise of a unified marketing stack
  • Security & Governance: the visibility and control you need, across the entire organization

Josh Ramirez, Head of Product, AEM Assets, Adobe

1:45 pm


TechLab: The Convergence of DAM and Production Workflow: a Combination to Drive Adoption, Compliance & Productivity

with EMMsphere

As DAM platforms expand their native workflow capabilities, and Marketing Resource Management platforms get smarter about embedding DAM within their sophisticated Production Workflow engines, an increasingly compelling opportunity exists to take advantage of the DAM + Workflow combination across the enterprise.

Why is this combination important?  Where do you start?  What key things should you do to capture the potential?

This session will explore how marketing organizations can take a more holistic view of their combined DAM + Workflow capabilities.  It will also discuss ideas on how a clever combo of DAM + Workflow can improve platform adoption, asset compliance and operational productivity.

Francisco Ruiz, SVP Practice Development & Advisory Services, EMMsphere

2:20 pm

DAM Ninja

Can you take a Departmental DAM and go Enterprise?

In the past, DAMs were small departmental applications often focused on simple scenarios, such as photography or brand management.

Today's challenge involves taking DAM beyond a single department or geography and truly "going enterprise", driving multi-channel marketing campaigns, publishing, and personalized content delivery.

In this session, we'll explore the real challenges and solutions of taking your DAM to the enterprise level.  

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Eric Izenas, Manager | Content Services, REI | Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Frederic Sanuy, Director of Marketing and Partner Programs, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH

Creative Operations

Elasticity and Flexibility in Today's Creative Environment

We are working in a time in which it is challenging to keep up with the increasing demands of shorter schedules and specialized skills while still developing break-through creative. Teams are required to do more in less time, while technology keeps evolving. 

What does a Creative Operations team do when a huge load of work is submitted and resources are scarce? What do you do when the work requires a skill your team does not possess? The answer is to build a team that has the ability to be elastic and flexible to support your clients’ demands. Join Petco’s Doris Petersen as she explains how. 

Doris Petersen, Manager, Creative Operations, Petco

Your DAM Journey

Benchmarking your DAM Effectiveness

Join us for a fast-paced, hands-on session where you can assess the effectiveness of your existing DAM environment in a series of structured Q&A exercises. 

We'll guide you through a methodology designed to review the current DAM capabilities of your organization, focusing not only on the technology you have in place but also the people and process, as well as broader connections to other marketing technologies.

No matter where you are on your DAM journey, you'll leave with a visual representation of where you stand as a DAM practice and where you need to go in the future.

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group

3:00 pm

Technical Experts Address your Really Tough Tech Questions

Too often, technology hides behind a chimera of marketing hype and sales talk. This panel will break through the hype and challenge the DAM vendor technical experts to answer some of your toughest questions. 

What are the hardcore technical issues you're currently facing? Come and ask them now in all the grueling detail.

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Walter Bauer, SVP, System Architecture, censhare
Neil Grant, Product Manager, Tenovos
Joel Warwick, Senior Solutions Consultant, Nuxeo

In-House vs Out: Agencies, Vendors, Freelancers and Headcount - Oh My!

As we are all tasked with larger volume production in a shorter time frame, for less cost, how do we decide what to keep in-house and what to send to agencies, vendors and other partners? Once we build these decisions into our strategy, how do we best collaborate with these groups to achieve success? 
Join this panel session as we explore how organizations achieve the right balance and share their tips for successful collaboration with the key stakeholders involved. 
Topics include: 
  • In-house vs out-of-house: building a strategy
  • Demand Management: forecasting job role demand and the allocation of resources
  • Budgeting
  • Partner selection and management
  • Building and maximizing relationships

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Wayne Barringer, Director, Creative Services, The Boeing Company
Kamey Butler, Director of Creative Services, Guthy-Renker (G|R)
Jason Ett, Director of Operations, Creative Services, AT&T
Heather Hurst, Senior Director of Communications, Workfront

It's Dangerous To Go Alone: People on the DAM Journey

Perhaps you are the only person running the DAM. Perhaps you inherited the job of collecting and organizing all the creative. Perhaps you only have access to some colleague time after they’ve done their day jobs.

In all cases, mobilizing the necessary support for such a wide-ranging, global and business-critical function can be really challenging. 

This panel will explore the diversity of roles required to make a DAM sing!

Christopher Grakal, Chief Executive Officer, ICP
Sulynn Amrhein, Senior Digital Manager, eContent Program Leader, Mars, Inc.
Nick Felder, Owner, Founder, Felder Media Ventures
Brigette Supernova, Digital Asset Manager, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Action Fund
Marla A. Watson, Senior Digital Asset Manager, Headspace

3:50 pm

Refreshments & Visit the Exhibition

4:00 pm

TechLab: Seize the DAM: How DAMS can Simplify Lives for Better, Faster Work

with Edisen

We’re all just a little (or a lot) overwhelmed.  Shouldn't the marketing tools we use simplify our days and give us more time to do good work?  DAMs are meant to streamline our work lives and, if used well, they can do just that.  Ryan Bettencourt, Head of Product for Edisen, will share tips, tricks, and real-life user stories that show how to optimize DAM workflows and make work way more productive. Learn how to customize content across teams, offices and markets, use your DAM to centralize your video and social content, and create tasks to hit project milestones and get your campaigns to market faster.  Let’s do better work in less time!

Ryan Bettencourt, Head of Product, Edisen LLC

4:30 pm

The DAM Clinic

Roundtable Discussions: Choose your Topic

  • Building the Business Case for DAM: How to convince your boss to fund your DAM Initiative
  • DAM Careers: Paths in, Across and Upward
  • How to Select a DAM
  • Let's Talk about DAM Implementations: The Highs, Lows, and Everything In Between
  • DAM goes PIM: Is it a problem if the metadata starts to become more important than the assets themselves
  • You are not your User (Ways to Engage your Users)
  • Party of One: The "Lone Arrangers" of DAM Management
  • How can DAM help leverage product rollouts?
  • The New Future of DAM in the Global Marketing Supply Chain
  • Is your DAM holding back your content?
  • What makes a great DAM Professional?

Creative Operations

Optimize your Process or Rationalize Discord and Chaos? Let’s talk...

In-house agencies are constantly challenged with managing quality, speed and resources in the face of an unexpected volume of work. During this interactive workshop, we will discuss the key roadblocks to a good creative process and how you can set up your in-house agency to overcome them.

Along the way, you will explore the fundamentals of good communication and discuss the benefits of an agency Scope of Work (SOW) and good briefing process. Since all briefs are not created equal, we will also dive into the importance of the brief, how it enhances or inhibits the creative process and how to go about implementing a good one. 

Session leaders:
T. Alex Blum, Founding Partner, Blum Consulting Partners
Andrea B. Ruskin, Strategic Consultant & Partner, Blum Consulting Partners


TechLab: Covering Your Assets: Protecting your Brand through DAM Integrations

with Digimarc

Digital image leaks, diversion and theft are a constant challenge for brand owners. Yet they’re more than just headaches, they often serve as smoke signals for much larger issues related to theft of brand and intellectual property, even counterfeit product manufacturing. For this reason, brands are increasingly turning to digital image watermarking to add a traceable layer to their digital asset workflows—and are activating this technology directly through their DAM platforms. Leading DAM provider Nuxeo and Digimarc, specialists in digital watermarking, will discuss how these integrations work and why they are so valuable.

This TechLab session will address the following questions: 

  • What is digital watermarking and its uses?
  • Why watermark your images directly through your DAM platform?
  • Who uses DAM platforms to digitally watermark their images and what are the results?
  • How can I get started?
  • What does it take to manage a brand protection program?  

Uri Kogan, Vice President Product Marketing, Nuxeo
Devon Weston, Director, Market Development, Digimarc Guardian 
Mike Sturm, Relationship and Communications Manager, Digimarc Guardian

5:00 pm

5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

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6:30 pm