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Topics covered will include:

  • Using metrics to change behavior and demonstrate business value
  • Rebuilding your creative and design discipline: the People, Process, and Platforms 
  • Balancing in-house vs out: agencies, vendors, freelancers and headcount
  • Creative Ops innovation: new avenues being opened up by technology
  • Expanding into new media while keeping focused on your core asset production pipeline
  • Change management: gaining acceptance and ‘ownership’ of new systems and approaches
  • Creating effective feedback cycles: annotation, content review and approval
  • Best practice in workflow and task management


Past sessions include:

  • How the BBC set up its Award Winning Creative Operations with BBC Creative
  • Kickoff Meetings to the Kids’ Choice Awards: The Nickelodeon Creative Project Management Way with Nickelodeon
  • The Power of Video: From TV to TV+ with Bloomberg
  • Constructing Purpose-Built Creative Teams with HelloFreshDraftKings
  • Staying Relevant in a Fast Paced Tech Driven World: Achieving In-House Success with Bank of America
  • Making Sophisticated Modular Content for Dynamic Video Delivery with Coca-Cola
  • A ‘How To’ Case Study: Building Digital End to End Solutions with HBO
  • Collaborating Minds and Not Files with Droga5
  • Why Every Creative Operations Team Needs an Analyst with Farfetch
  • Succeed Fast: 10 Quick Wins in Creative Ops with AT&T



This program is in development, for a sample please view the Creative Operations LA 2017 agenda

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