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The Henry Stewart DAM Webinar Series

Henry Stewart is developing a wide range of live, interactive complimentary webinars for our DAM community. Each webinar will last 45 - 60 minutes and include time for questions. Details on our upcoming webinars are posted below. Remember: you can catch up on all of our past webinars with our archived recordings.

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Our next webinar is...
A practical approach to AI using Cognitive Metadata in a DAM

Wednesday November 28

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics in Digital Asset Management, as AI-driven image recognition holds the promise of automating metadata creation and never having to tag images or assets again.  Yet, can something as strategic and unique to a company as metadata be automatically generated? What is the impact of AI implementation going wrong and is there a way to get the benefits of AI, while reducing the risks to organization?

In the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • The role of AI in Digital Asset Management
  • Challenges of AI implementations in customer use cases
  • The concept of Cognitive Metadata
  • Best practices – an approach to effective AI implementation

Speaker: Jean Lozano, CTO, MediaValet

Moderator: John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors


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MediaValet provides cloud-based digital asset management for teams looking to manage and distribute their marketing assets and collateral more effectively. With MediaValet, businesses are able to give employees, distributors and other stakeholders instant access to the company's creative, video and marketing resources, improving efficiency and boosting ROI on digital assets.