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8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast - Exhibition Opens

Breakfast Briefing: DAM Justification and Implementation Pitfalls - Conducting Current State and Gap Analysis to Justify Funding and Leverage a Data-Driven Evaluation of Solutions Based on the Findings
Please join us at 8.

This session is for people that are looking for help and advice on how to get their DAM funding and having a DAM success. We'll be covering a variety of topics, such as:

  • Understanding your users and what makes them tick
  • Leveraging a data-driven evaluation of solutions to get the best tool for users' needs
  • Designing for now versus the future 
  • Building a user experience both inside and outside the system
  • Preparing users for the changes

Faisal Mahmoud, Senior Manager, OnPrem

9:00 am

Tools & Solutions: How are Vendors Approaching DAM's Challenges?

Managing to keep one’s head throughout the revolution

In revolutions, events run fast and their implications are unpredictable. The digital revolution is no different. So, let’s keep calm and focused. We are all about the management of digital assets.

Management is about ‘being in control’. Not to stop change but to manage it.

Good management delivers success, poor management invites failure. Selecting and working with vendors is part of the management challenge. In this session, we explore:

  • How vendors are keeping pace with these rapid advances.
  • How well they are addressing the needs of DAM users to deliver a better user experience.
  • Whether ‘solutions’ are resulting in improved adoption – and how is this encouraged by the vendors?
  • The approaches of ‘out of the box’ connectors to other systems, especially PIM and WCM.
  • The depth and capabilities of APIs.
  • Innovations in the dynamic field of image recognition and auto-tagging.   
  • User needs seeking technological solutions and technological solutions looking for user needs – managing this dilemma.
  • How vendors are addressing the many different user requirements of CMOs, creatives, MarTech, IT, Archives and Investor Relations.   
  • What are now considered best vendor practices in services and support.
  • How vendors see user needs evolving.

Join the discussion - bring your best questions - prepare for a lively debate.

David Lipsey, Conference Chair
Tracy Askam, Senior Director of Global Strategic Accounts, MediaBeacon
Russ Biehn, Work Management Solution Engineer, Workfront
Uri Kogan, Vice President of Product Marketing, Nuxeo
Alex Kupin, Director, Consulting, Cognizant assetSERV
Tim Pashuysen, Co-founder and CSO, STYLELABS

10:00 am

DAM History! What’s the point? - In conversation with Pixar

In addition to making great movies, Pixar Animation Studios maintains an archival program that helps bring long-term perspective to its ever growing DAM system and its content.  

In this interview, conference chair, David Lipsey, explores their approach to DAM with Sharon Dovas, Digital Assets and Infrastructure Archivist for Pixar, and discusses the essential – and sometimes elusive – balance of supporting both historical and creative contexts. 

This wide ranging conversation will examine why knowing the history of an asset matters and offer perspective on how learning from assets use can help improve curation, streamline workflows, and ultimately increase asset reusability.

David Lipsey, Conference Chair
Sharon Dovas, Lead Infrastructure & Digital Asset Archivist, Pixar Animation Studios

Getting from ‘Here’ to ‘There’: The General Mills DAM Migration Journey

Replacing an existing DAM platform is a daunting challenge, carrying with it different considerations than if starting fresh. Once you decide to move, how do you choose amongst the many vendor options? What do you need to plan for in a migration? What resources does it require? What carries forward from the old system and what stays behind? How do you map your old data to the new structure? Are there shortcuts in the process?

Join General Mills for a walkthrough of their DAM replacement project - the ups, the downs, the joys and the frustrations.

Doris Sanocki, Product Manager, Precision Marketing Capabilities, General Mills

TechLab: Securing your Digital Assets: Digital Watermarking and Content Protection Strategies

Tens of thousands of photographers and content owners have used Digimarc’s Photoshop embedding tool to protect their images. Hundreds of the world’s largest brands, retailers, and CPGs leverage Digimarc Barcode for digital images’ patented watermarking technology to identify, track, and trace their assets across the web. Our world-leading technology is integrated into many DAM systems, ready to plug and play – is yours? 

During this session, Mike Sturm will take a peek behind the curtain of our enterprise-level offerings, using our simple Photoshop embedding tool to demonstrate best practices for successful implementation, down to the pixel level! 

Mike Sturm, Communications & Relationship Manager, Digimarc

10:30 am

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10:40 am

TechLab: NexGen DAM with Microservices

Organisations in every market segment realize that digital asset management (DAM) is a powerful and necessary tool to run their operations efficiently, scale effectively and improve productivity. In fact, DAM solutions are now, to some degree, a commodity item and it aids campaign management, brand management and marketing. Users expect DAM systems to be easy to use and seamlessly integrated with their daily workflows and content supply chains. Key questions to explore:

  1. Can the DAM solution provides flexibility to integrate with emerging market innovation ideas like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning (ML), Facial Recognition, etc? 
  2. Can DAM influence organisations digital transformation journey? 
  3. Can DAM enable organisation to improve efficiency and thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)? 

Meeting those demands presents a new set of challenges for both DAM Vendors and Organisations that cannot be avoided. Having a single “DAM solution” or several disparate workgroup DAM systems that do not communicate with each other is not the answer. We believe adopting microservices approach will provide mechanism to answer some of the above elements.

Krishnan Ramaswami, Principal Architect, Cognizant

11:10 am

Using Your DAM to Maximize the Power of Brand Stewardship

Deloitte launched its refreshed brand identity in 2016 with a single brand architecture and identity system so that regardless of where a client is geographically, or what business they interact with, or what device they use to reach any professional from the global consultancy, they have a consistent and meaningful Deloitte experience.

Brand Space, Deloitte’s centralized brand asset management platform, acted as the epicenter for the refresh. The platform served as an educational resource that empowered our 250,000 brand ambassadors in over 75 countries to apply all the tools, rules and inspiration readily available to them to use the brand as consistently and creatively as possible.

In this session, you’ll learn real life lessons from Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte and Brand Space platform leader. Specifically, the new tenants of brand stewardship and how you can unlock the value of your brand center investment and help your brand thrive as it continues to evolve.

Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager, Deloitte

Video Production Workflows: Why are they so hard to build and manage?

User-adoption nightmares, company culture-killers, and ever-evolving business needs are just a few of the reasons why Video Production Workflows can fail to get off the ground. Anyone who has gone through more than one of these deployments knows that each one is unique – outcomes and metrics for success can, and often do, vary greatly. Jeff Yaroslow has been through dozens of these deployments (from both the client and the vendor side) and has accrued a great deal of first-hand knowledge on the subject.

So what is it that causes some video workflow deployments to run smoothly and others to constantly face setback after setback? How can we avoid these pitfalls—maximizing success and minimizing the headaches? This will be a practical, real-world discussion and will cite several cases of both successful and botched deployments. 

Those who attend should come away with the tools and strategies that will enable their business to tackle anything from a minor workflow tweak to major pipeline overhaul.

Jeff Yaroslow, Global MAM Director, 72andSunny

TechLab: DAM as the Foundation of the Connected Customer Journey

We all know that digital technologies have created new touch points and opportunities for businesses to engage with customers. Audiences across all industries often use multiple, overlapping channels to self-educate before even speaking with a sales person. The customer journey has grown more complex and requires an omni-channel strategy that cuts across devices and technologies to ensure a rich digital experience. To be successful in the digital world, companies should connect the digital journey their customers will experience with compelling, highly personalized and engaging experiences that also result in desirable business outcomes.  

We think in pictures and images. Customer Experience Management is evolving and adapting rapidly. It relies on a visual-centric approach in how information is presented, stored and managed throughout its lifecycle. Business, marketing, competitive and technology demands are pushing today’s businesses beyond traditional methods. Meeting these demands requires platforms and applications to be connected and integrated in an open, interrelated, and ever-evolving ecosystem, that serves dynamic organizations, markets and industries. It also requires optimization and a skilled, trusted partner that ensures ROI and increases the success of your digital strategies.

At the core of all that is a scalable, flexible Digital Asset Management system that not only is a “place to put your stuff” but that plays an increasingly larger role in the creation of content, the review and approval of content and the publishing and syndication of content.

Come see OpenText’s vision for DAM in this ever changing and increasingly complex world. 

Ed Durst, Solution Consultant, OpenText
Michael Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

11:40 am

DAM User Journey - What is the real DAM journey from realizing you need a DAM to optimizing your DAM?

Creative agencies and Marketing teams across different industries are considering or involved in a digital transformation. There is an increased need to have agile content to build relationships with their consumers.

DAM is one of the foundational capabilities for content agility but only if we understand the full journey from Awareness to Optimization.

Join Anthony Marshall of Kraft Heinz as he walks you through this DAM user journey, from realizing you need one through to optimizing your DAM.

Anthony Marshall, eCommerce Digital Content Lead, Kraft Heinz Company

“Can’t We Just All Get Along?" - Solving the Big Team Dilemma

With the need for technology to be supporting and driving creative initiatives more than ever before, the alignment of creative, technology, and business stakeholders is critical for all brands big and small. This panel made up of industry thought leaders will come together to discuss both the challenges as well as the ingredients for success in understanding each other's unique “language" and executing effectively to achieve results and meet their individual as well as collective KPI's.

Attendees will learn about Creative, Business, and Technology teams internal priorities and how each team can improve communication, project management and strategic alignment in order to achieve mutual business goals and happy stakeholders.

Moderator :
Christopher Grakal, Chief Executive Officer, ICP
Nick Felder, Owner, Founder, Felder Media Ventures
Doris Sanocki, Product Manager, Precision Marketing Capabilities, General Mills
Beth Stengel, Manager, Media Assets & Archives, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
David Sugg, Executive Director - Technical Solutions, Warner Bros.

Industry Disruptors: Keeping ahead of the curve

While everyone is worried about today, who is looking at tomorrow? In this panel discussion, you will hear first-hand experiences and approaches to solve for future considerations.

Have you asked yourself recently:

  • How should I be approaching cloud deployments? 
  • Am I preparing my asset management system for future convergences with other digital experience solutions? 
  • I love KPIs. How are my analytics? 
  • How can I consider machine learning and where can I leverage it? 

What are your disruptors of tomorrow? Let’s leverage the time that we have together to discuss this and more.

Christina Aguilera, Studio Technology | Asset Management, Walt Disney Studios
Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office, Inc.
Michael Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

12:40 pm

Lunch & Visit the Exhibition

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1:05 pm

TechLab: How to Improve Brand Consistency with an Enterprise DAM Solution

DAM is at the heart of the Digital Strategy of Brands to improve time to market and constituency.

During this session we will cover:

  • Increasing productivity through collaboration and workflows making your DAM the repository of truth for all the organization
  • Protecting the content of your brand and unlocking your digital assets with rights clearance
  • Providing new user shopping experience to manage content across new digital formats including 3D, augmented reality, video 360
  • How to be at the heart of the customer journey and synchronize all the right content across channels
  • How to integrate all of your marketing technology ecosystem using connectors and API KPI to measure performances

Frederic Sanuy, Director of Marketing and Partner Programs, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH

1:35 pm


TechLab: Microservices: The Key to Innovation in Workflow Optimization

Eliminate monolithic, solve everything-everywhere software applications by taking a hyper-focused approach. By deploying technology modules as individual units that communicate effectively with any other services, you instantly create unprecedented opportunities by enabling simplified workflows in a focused, incremental way that can scale and integrate with ease.

John Motz, Chief Technology Officer, GrayMeta

2:10 pm

A New Approach to Metadata Management - separate from, but complementary to, DAM, MAM and MDM systems

Now that digital platforms are maturing, taxonomy and metadata practice are revealed as of extreme importance. 

  • The use-case for metadata goes far beyond distribution, into marketing, recommendations and discovery, and business intelligence and analytics. 
  • The traditional practice of managing taxonomy and metadata in DAM systems has been an afterthought, undertaken to support asset management and distribution. Not any longer - we present an alternative approach, better suited to a digital content platform. 

Abstracting away systems used to govern taxonomy and manage metadata of creative work (leaving asset metadata to the DAM systems) powers delivery of both clean data across silos and a focus on metadata reuse. It’s the way to go for a multitude of different use-cases outside of asset distribution, without costly integration and data cleaning efforts.

Anthony Accardo, Director, R&D , Disney | ABC Television Group

IIIF and Linked Data: A DAM Ecosystem in Cultural Heritage

The Getty's driving mission is to provide access to art, for free, in the most appropriate channel and medium for the audience. Our audiences span the general public through art history researchers, from application developers to the digitally skeptical. While among the first cultural heritage organizations to take this approach, many others have since joined the community. We are working as part of that community to ensure that the systems, tools, and applications developed by any institution can be readily reused and extended by others. 

Two critical components of that effort are the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and Linked Open Data. IIIF provides developer-friendly access to the image content and presentation-focused descriptions to build viewing, comparison and research applications. Linked Open Data provides a framework in which the rich relationships between objects, people, places and events can be described, allowing the artworks depicted in the images to be described and thereby discovered. Together, they provide a shared ecosystem of standards in the cultural heritage domain that is seeing widespread and rapid adoption.

This presentation will introduce these standards and describe their functionality, which is applicable across all domains. The focus will be on the benefits and costs of adoption, looking at how the Getty has engaged, implemented and is taking the lead on advancing the state of the art in this space.

Robert Sanderson, Semantic Architect, J Paul Getty Trust

2:40 pm

Asset Management Consolidation Projects are SOOOO 2014

Despite many attempts in recent years, large enterprises are starting to come to the conclusion that “One DAM to rule them all” can be very difficult to achieve, and may not even be desirable. 

There has been a shift in approach and a realization that purpose built applications are necessary to provide specific capabilities. Accepting that multiple systems may be necessary, we need to define ways to search, access, and distribute content across them.

This session explores the challenges and benefits of using API and microservice-based integrations to break down the barriers between systems and create a connected asset ecosystem.

Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Catherine Fung, Director of Product Management, Digital Media Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment
David Sugg, Executive Director - Technical Solutions, Warner Bros.

People or Process – the Quest for Automation

Automation means speed, cost savings, and provision of services unhindered by DAM teams that are too busy or too small, right? That’s certainly the theory. But where does it really work in practice?  

Join this session to explore topics such as:

  • What asset processes make sense to automate?
  • What tools and technologies make DAM automation work?
  • In what situations can metadata tagging reasonably be turned over to a machine?

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, Monigle
Callum Hughes, Principal, Global Solutions Architect, Amazon Studios
Stacey McKeever, Manager, Digital Asset Management, Team One
Thomas Stilling, Digital Media and Transformation Advisor

3:30 pm

Refreshments & Visit the Exhibition

4:00 pm

Stump the DAM Consultant

For those of you unfamiliar with this format, the concept is simple: Bring your toughest, thorniest, most intractable Digital Asset Management conundrum or challenge and a team of experienced Digital Asset Management consultants will compete to offer you the best advice in 2 minutes or less. But there’s a twist … we’ll use noise-canceling headphones to make sure the gurus can’t hear the answers that the other panelists give.

Come and get insightful, likely controversial, and sometimes entertaining answers to your most pressing questions. The person deemed to have stumped the consultants the most will go home with their own noise-canceling headphones!

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group
Rich Carroll, Technical Consultant, IO Integration, Inc.
John Florance, Dam Practice Manager, Risetime Technologies
Thomas Stilling, Digital Media and Transformation Advisor

5:00 pm


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