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TechLab: Day One - Tuesday November 14

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
Helping Your Marketing Team Succeed with Google AdWords

Is your marketing team still running the same retargeting or Adwords banner campaign since last year? Adwords is no longer this mystery of algorithms and ‘fancy magic’ that no one understands.  

Join us for an extensive session on bringing your Adwords Campaign up-to-speed with the help of your current DAM. How can your existing DAM help your marketing team with the rising numbers of formats and requirements for banner advertising? 

The painful true story is broken down by a fellow marketer - ‘How Discovering DAM lead to my AdWords success.’

Radmila Milenkovich, Marketing Coordinator, FotoWare

10.20 - 10.50am
Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Creative Production

In this session, we’ll discuss how creative teams can operate to ensure they deliver creative assets to market with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Join Matthew to learn real-world techniques that leverage technology to support creative operations and accelerate production:

  • Segmenting hi-res and lo-res workflows to accelerate review and approval, post-production processes, and asset delivery
  • Making assets smarter to accelerate production and deliver significant cost savings over traditional photo workflows
  • Removing the silos that currently exist between marketing and creative operations

Mathieu Champigny, President, Globaledit


11.00 - 11.30am
Flexible Enterprise Cloud Integration in the Hypermedia World

The world of enterprise architecture is rapidly changing. In order to fully leverage opportunities that include cloud providers and 3rd parties as well as to respond to the ever accelerating pulse of the business, this new paradigm and toolset for enterprise integrations opens up a more lean and agile route.

In this session, Tom De Ridder, co-founder and CTO at Stylelabs, will share his forward thinking vision on how to leverage this technology as a key element in your digital transformation.

Tom De Ridder, co-founder and CTO, Stylelabs


1.25 - 1.55pm
How DAM Fits into the Entire Lifecycle of Work

Today’s enterprises are plagued with serious work management problems that impact decision-making, productivity, efficiency, and innovation from top to bottom. Part of the problem is that your DAM is disconnected from the rest of your work. Because every piece of the process is separated, there’s no centralized, standardized way to request, plan, and track work. Even with the benefits of using a DAM, your team is wasting time with disconnected activities and poor visibility into projects and resources.

The problem lies in the chaotic tools and processes that work against the people trying to get work done. Join Russ Biehn for a discussion about making sure your team is able to produce their best work, including tips for:

  • Centralizing projects for greater visibility
  • Consolidating tools to enhance collaboration 
  • Aligning projects to corporate strategies
  • Reports and dashboards for accurate status updates
  • Saving time and preventing burnout by optimizing resources

Russ Biehn, Senior Solutions Engineer, Workfront

2.00 - 2.30pm
The Truth About DAM, What Marketers Should Expect 

Marketers have always looked for creative edges to lead their competition. As technology has advanced, marketers have seen solutions for mass emailing, social media, lead generation, and then bundled together as marketing automation suites. Now the next big thing for marketers, especially in the enterprise space, is DAM. There’s a lot of hype and a lot of questions about it.

From marketers, most specifically, what is DAM going to solve for us and how exactly is it a marketing solution?

This session will cover how a DAM is used on the practical level and how, while it’s bigger than most marketing software solutions, it is, above all things, a marketing solution.

Amanda Eldridge, Director – Alliances, censhare
Jesse Turner, Presales Engineer, censhare


3.50 - 4.20pm

7 Ways to Unlock Brand Value Through Your Brand Center

The days of command and control are over. In today’s world of decentralized organizations and endless customer touchpoints, the most successful brand leaders are those that empower every associate to sustain and advance the brand. Through personalized content and self-service functionalities, you can create a brand center that becomes a daily staple in the lives of your associates — and results in gains you can measure on your balance sheet. Learn how in the wake of a rebrand Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte, made a strong brand positively Herculean by creating a brand center that attracts 100,000-plus unique visitors per month.

Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, Monigle
Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager, Deloitte


TechLab: Day Two - Wednesday November 15

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
DAM Justification and Implementation Pitfalls - Conducting Current State and Gap Analysis to Justify Funding and Leverage a Data-Driven Evaluation of Solutions Based on the Findings

This session is for people that are looking for help and advice on how to get their DAM funding and having a DAM success. We'll be covering a variety of topics, such as:

  • Understanding your users' and what makes them tick
  • Leveraging a data-driven evaluation of solutions to get the best tool for users' needs
  • Designing for now versus the future 
  • Building a user experience both inside and outside the system
  • Preparing users for the changes

Faisal Mahmoud, Senior Manager, OnPrem


10.00 - 10.30am: 
Securing your Digital Assets: Digital Watermarking and Content Protection Strategies

Tens of thousands of photographers and content owners have used Digimarc’s Photoshop embedding tool to protect their images. Hundreds of the world’s largest brands, retailers, and CPGs leverage Digimarc Barcode for digital images’ patented watermarking technology to identify, track, and trace their assets across the web. Our world-leading technology is integrated into many DAM systems, ready to plug and play – is yours? 

During this session, Mike Sturm will take a peek behind the curtain of our enterprise-level offerings, using our simple Photoshop embedding tool to demonstrate best practices for successful implementation, down to the pixel level! 

Mike Sturm, Communications & Relationship Manager, Digimarc


NexGen DAM with Microservices


Organisations in every market segment realize that digital asset management (DAM) is a powerful and necessary tool to run their operations efficiently, scale effectively and improve productivity. In fact, DAM solutions are now, to some degree, a commodity item and it aids campaign management, brand management and marketing. Users expect DAM systems to be easy to use and seamlessly integrated with their daily workflows and content supply chains. Key questions to explore:

  1. Can the DAM solution provides flexibility to integrate with emerging market innovation ideas like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning (ML), Facial Recognition, etc? 
  2. Can DAM influence organisations digital transformation journey? 
  3. Can DAM enable organisation to improve efficiency and thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Meeting those demands presents a new set of challenges for both DAM Vendors and Organisations that cannot be avoided. Having a single “DAM solution” or several disparate workgroup DAM systems that do not communicate with each other is not the answer. We believe adopting microservices approach will provide mechanism to answer some of the above elements.

Krishnan Ramaswami, Principal Architect, Cognizant


DAM as the Foundation of the Connected Customer Journey

We all know that digital technologies have created new touch points and opportunities for businesses to engage with customers. Audiences across all industries often use multiple, overlapping channels to self-educate before even speaking with a sales person. The customer journey has grown more complex and requires an omni-channel strategy that cuts across devices and technologies to ensure a rich digital experience. To be successful in the digital world, companies should connect the digital journey their customers will experience with compelling, highly personalized and engaging experiences that also result in desirable business outcomes.  

We think in pictures and images. Customer Experience Management is evolving and adapting rapidly. It relies on a visual-centric approach in how information is presented, stored and managed throughout its lifecycle. Business, marketing, competitive and technology demands are pushing today’s businesses beyond traditional methods. Meeting these demands requires platforms and applications to be connected and integrated in an open, interrelated, and ever-evolving ecosystem, that serves dynamic organizations, markets and industries. It also requires optimization and a skilled, trusted partner that ensures ROI and increases the success of your digital strategies.

At the core of all that is a scalable, flexible Digital Asset Management system that not only is a “place to put your stuff” but that plays an increasingly larger role in the creation of content, the review and approval of content and the publishing and syndication of content.

Come see OpenText’s vision for DAM in this ever changing and increasingly complex world. 

Ed Durst, Solution Consultant, OpenText
Michael Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

How to Improve Brand Consistency with an Enterprise DAM Solution

DAM is at the heart of the Digital Strategy of Brands to improve time to market and constituency.

During this session we will cover:

  • Increasing productivity through collaboration and workflows making your DAM the repository of truth for all the organization
  • Protecting the content of your brand and unlocking your digital assets with rights clearance
  • Providing new user shopping experience to manage content across new digital formats including 3D, augmented reality, video 360
  • How to be at the heart of the customer journey and synchronize all the right content across channels
  • How to integrate all of your marketing technology ecosystem using connectors and API KPI to measure performances

Frederic Sanuy, Director of Marketing and Partner Programs, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH


Microservices: The Key to Innovation in Workflow Optimization

Eliminate monolithic, solve everything-everywhere software applications by taking a hyper-focused approach. By deploying technology modules as individual units that communicate effectively with any other services, you instantly create unprecedented opportunities by enabling simplified workflows in a focused, incremental way that can scale and integrate with ease.

John Motz, Chief Technology Officer, GrayMeta


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