HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other DAM-geeks!
Tabitha Yorke, HIT Entertainment

If HS DAM events took place three times a year in NYC, I’d attend each one
Marsha Camera, New York Power Authority

A really engaging event.  Great networking among others facing similar DAM issues.  Thought provoking at day to day implementation and wider enterprise level.
Shirley Hayward,  Williams Lea (Philips)

The best events for DAM professionals, bar none
Michael Wells, Third Light

HS DAM events allow me an opportunity to meet other people facing the same problems and reaping the same type of reward
Kendra Miller, Ogilvy & Mather

HS DAM event opened my eyes to the diversity of the DAM landscape and shared experiences of people within the field.  Recommended.
Douglas McCarthy, National Maritime Museum

HS DAM 2011 brought me up to speed in this exciting area
Gregory Grefenstette, Exalead

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to understand the use of DAM in different ways
Taina Narhi, Face Value OY, Finland

Great line up of speakers: delivering practical information for anybody embarking on their DAM journey
Steve McColan, Vyre

Well done, good informative day, meeting interesting people.  I liked it.
Herbert Wirth, picturesafe GmbH

HS DAM is the tool to a more effective workflow for any industry interested in making profits
Nila Bernstengel, Sesame Workshop

HS NY was a great event and a good time ☺
Dustin Tantum, Beck Atlanta, LLC


Extend your learning at our four Pre-Event Tutorials covering:

  • Fundamentals of DAM: The Technology In-Depth
  • DAM Leadership - Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Metadata for DAM Professionals 
  • Advanced Metadata Practices for DAM

PLUS don't miss our Pre-Event Meetup on Wednesday, May 9

To download a PDF of the agenda please click here

Day 1Day 2

Technology Track

8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast – Exhibition Opens

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9:00 am

Chairman's Welcome

David Lipsey


9:10 am

Keynote: The ‘Mediafication’ of Business: How the Leaders of Digital Operations are becoming Company Heroes

Media is converging on both macro (across industries) and micro (content consumption) levels as media companies expand beyond their core sectors and others increasingly integrate media into their offerings. Peri Shamsai, Executive Director, Media & Entertainment Advisory, Ernst & Young, LLP will describe how this ‘mediafication’ of business is propelling companies into new arenas that present a wide variety of operational challenges. She will discuss how media asset management initiatives being developed to address the latest challenges can vary widely, even within the same sector. She will explain how the capabilities developed as a consequence of these operational initiatives can become valuable assets in their own right, creating ‘engines of innovation’ that convert cost centers into revenue generating drivers of innovative new products and services.

Peri Shamsai


9:40 am

DAM in 2012: What's New, What's Next

DAM has decidedly moved beyond its origins as a software tool to manage and distribute completed brand assets or images. Today, DAM is a vital spoke in a large wheel of enterprise technology, vital to realizing larger visions and strategies that can make or break a business. This session will look at the trends in DAM for 2012 - not only where things are today, but where they're headed. Where does DAM and social software intersect? Does open source DAM have potential? How successful are the European vendors in breaking into the North American market - and are the North American vendors faring any better in Europe? With more and more organizations adopting DAM systems, can the 50-or-so employee companies that dominate the DAM market meet your demands? How can DAM practitioners better produce and manage video as a communication medium, when they're not in the business of broadcast? Finally we'll look at the new features and capabilities of DAM systems that you should be thinking about in the year to come.  

Theresa Regli


10:10 am

The Impact of New Meaning Based Computing on Understanding Rich Content – Why Does This Change How We Interact with Our Customers?

Recent advances now enable computers to extract meaning from images, video and audio content. This meaning based computing rewrites the rules of production of content and understanding of audience and customer reactions. Automation opens up new business models and efficient implementation of user generated content (UGC), social media, social television as well as new media types such as multichannel augmented reality. This revolution in technology brings that information to life and helps marketers, publishers, producers and broadcasters of rich content, including video and audio, to derive maximum value from the content and the interaction with the audience.


10:40 am



10:50 am

Managing Content Operations via the Cloud

CLEAR™ – the World's First Hybrid Cloud Platform

The Hybrid Cloud is the topic of the moment. Come and find out more about a Hybrid Cloud platform that is already managing over 150,000 hours of content, and facilitating the syndication and VoD fulfilment of over 5 million files and the management of 40,500 new episodes of TV content every year. CLEAR™ from Prime Focus Technologies - not just the World's First – the World's Most Established Hybrid Cloud platform.

Ajay Malhotra, EVP, Prime Focus Technologies


11:20 am


Moderator: David H Lipsey  

Spotlight on Hasbro: Upgrading your DAM to fit evolving business needs

Is the future revenue generator of your organization video and rich media?  Do you already have a DAM solution as part of your creative workflow?  In this session, Faith will present a case study for re-inventing your DAM from a point solution in creative services to a global program that fits your businesses' evolving content landscape.   As companies look to drive their brands through online marketing and media & entertainment, how well you succeed in reducing production cost and creating profit opportunities are all driven by DAM innovation.  Faith will share insights of how Hasbro is looking at content solutions and re-igniting their global DAM Program.

Faith Robinson



Moderator: Theresa Regli

How to Select a DAM System: Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid, and a Look at the Market in 2012 

In the market for a Digital & Media Asset Management system? Thinking about divorcing your current vendor? Looking for a better way to manage your brand assets, and wondering if there's an online dating site that will allow you to use the perfect algorithm, matching up your needs to the best possible solution? This session is for you. 

Rather than select a new technology based on a ratings spreadsheet or whom your boss plays golf with, we'll look at a better path towards selecting DAM technology. You'll learn about the most important criteria when creating a short list, what should really be in that (brief) RFP, and how to plan a vendor demo that's meaningful and useful to you. Led by Real Story Group, a buyer-focused, vendor-independent research consultancy, this session will deal the straight dope on pitfalls to avoid and solid paths to follow. 

Theresa Regli

11:50 am

Are You Building Brand Value?

SAP and Interbrand will share how digital asset management systems in general, and an engaging workflow system in particular, have real strategic brand value. 

SAP will describe the strategic importance and context of their brand management system, including their new name development workflow approach and system. In so doing they will show how this relates to their brand and its contribution to overall business. Furthermore, they will share how a focus on end-user engagement impacted their new naming workflow.

Interbrand will demonstrate how brand management systems can build measurable brand value. As the recognized authority on brand valuation and publishers of the annual Best Global Brands report, Interbrand will share analysis that shows how brand management systems and operations directly contribute to brand consistency and more brand strength factors, and in turn how brand strength relates to an overall brand value.

Nitin Gupta
Robin Rusch

The Business Case for DAM: Securing Support for New Operational Capabilities

A sound business case not only secures funding, it cultivates the organizational support that will make your DAM initiative (or break it if not in place}. This session covers how to expose where the greatest benefits can be achieved among target teams and business processes for ROI modeling and organizational alignment. It highlights common pitfalls and misconceptions that should be avoided when making the case for DAM. Activity-based payback models are demonstrated that rely on hard data and a straightforward, clear-cut rationale avoiding the broad assumptions and leaps of faith often required in order to put one’s trust in traditional, total-gain ROI models. DAM gains are realized from new and improved business processes. While DAM systems do make new processes possible, deploying DAM systems neither creates nor changes operations. Explicit operational design and focused organizational cooperation is what determines how teams perform their work. As a consequence this session reveals how savvy program leaders collect the evidence needed to construct unassailable arguments that secure the funds and support for comprehensive DAM projects that are actually capable of transforming operations and harvesting transformational gains – going beyond typical system implementation activities, resources, schedules and accountabilities.

Joel Warwick

12:20 pm

Panel: New Approaches to Building an Effective Brand Strategy – what Digital Asset Management (DAM) has to offer

Many of the world’s leading brand companies have much of their ‘digital house’ in order – their initial DAM initiatives are in place, and core brand assets are well managed. Now comes the next set of issues in putting these brand assets to robust use in the wider landscape of business operations. Our panelists address the evolving issues of integrating DAM with IMM (Integrated Marketing Management), packaging workflows, new media  campaigns, social media and a consumer world expecting personalized engagement and rich media assets, including as a part of customer service operations (“can I email you a picture”?).  . Our panelists will also comment on the need for the ‘digital housecleaning service’ – maintaining metadata, taxonomy, assimilating new formats, multi-tiered archival strategies to off-load little used assets, the impact of acquiring (or selling) brand assets for DAM, etc. With all of this, CMO’s expect measurable results and actionable insights - the discussion will  explore how DAM supports this important conversation.

Ellen Maly
Sue DuBois

Panel: How We did our Procurement

System procurement can be approached in a variety of ways, but what approaches are the most effective while still being cost-efficient? Do long checklists of requirements make sense? What should really

be in an RFP or RFI? In this session, the panelists will explore different approaches to system procurement, and discuss what worked well and what didn't.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Vendor Filtering
  • RFP Preparation
  • Demo Script Preparation
  • Other Lessons Learned

Theresa Regli
Lisa Post
Barbara Shimaitis
Noah Broadwater

12:50 pm


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1:10 pm

From “Born Digital” to “Made for Multi Channel”

Content distribution and delivery seemed uncomplicated in the days before digital. Today there are numerous formats for audio and video content - platforms for online, broadcast and mobile, and all the different devices to view and consume content. Viewers want content on their own terms – when, where and how – with the ability to find it and get it without delays. Shifting control to consumers means that media organizations, producers and creators must strategize how different production environments and workflows, for marketing, web, mobile, broadcast, and corporate, are aligned to manage and deliver content to multiple channels, platforms and devices and unlock the value of the content to all the  consumer touch points.

Guy Hellier, Digital Media Solutions Expert, OpenText 


1:40 pm

1:50 pm

Extending DAM to Creative Teams; Connecting Creative Teams to DAM

DAM systems have not been designed and developed for the needs of creative teams and users. Creative teams and users have traditionally shunned DAM systems. 

It’s a fair and accurate statement. Unfortunately too many organizations (and vendors) stop there and ignore the substantial benefits of bridging the gap that exists between the creative team and DAM.  

Attend this session if you are interested in leveraging your investments in DAM by connecting your creative teams with your DAM ecosystem and developing a strong, bi-directional link between creative work and DAM.  

In this session we'll explore: 

  • What creative teams want and need
  • Functionality, UI and UX designed for collaboration on creative work 
  • 1 part collaboration + 1 part project management + 1 part workflow
  • The rise of Creative Operations Management 
  • Why creative teams ignore DAM & Why creative teams need DAM 
  • How leading organizations are integrating ConceptShare with their DAM systems and:
  • Enabling creative teams to work how they need to and want to
  • Building a seamless path from work in progress to asset management
  • Realizing substantial productivity and cost savings benefits of connecting creative teams with their broader  DAM ecosystem

Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare Inc. 


2:20 pm

Keynote: Immersion by Design: Digital Asset Management in Transition

Pearson, the global media and publishing company with brands that include Penguin, the Financial Times and Pearson Education, is changing their approach to business.  Evolving from print-centric products, Pearson is investing in the development of digital asset management strategies to usher in dynamic, customizable modules and a new immersive narrative—merely managing assets is no longer enough.  Digital assets must be cross-referenced, bundled, and repurposed.  They must be smart enough to direct readers to content they may not have encountered before or they were not initially seeking. These assets should therefore be equipped with structured data and semantic mark-up to allow them to soar across domains, user groups, profiles, and knowledge maps.  Content should no longer be a passive object but rather a reader-seeking missile. 

In this session, Pearson will share how digital asset management has been used as an agent of change in this transformation.  From communicating a DAM strategy, establishing standards and practices, to the adoption of DAM as business-as-usual, this presentation will demonstrate how editorial processes have been accelerated by using concept extraction, auto-classification, and open data to auto-populate metadata.

Madi Weland Solomon


2:50 pm

Panel: Distribution, Protection and Monetization of Digital Content: The ecosystem around securing and enabling the supply chain.

Join us as we journey through the ‘life cycle’ of an asset: from creation, through pricing, marketing, distribution, measurement and, importantly, profit and revenue assessment.

Our panelists are involved in managing the evolution of DAM from initial ‘departmental’ applications (“get my images in order”) to looking at a much more cross-cutting digital supply chain. In a single question – is DAM becoming part of the ERP landscape? We’ll address this question and others such as:

  • Where does the ‘Chief Digital Supply Officer’    fit organizationally?
  • How do we assign a cost basis to a digital asset, price it and assess this?
  • Can we audit these revenues and ‘prove’ the tie-backs?
  • Is DAM for Customer Service a cost-center –or does it save us money?
  • Where can we find more efficiency in the digital life cycle?
  • What’s difficult in evolving this ecosystem?

David Lipsey
Steve Kotrch
Stewart Frey
Mark Darlow


Panel: Dealing with the Challenges of a DAM Implementation

Find out what it takes to turn your DAM deployment into the ultimate success. Hear and learn from your peers - the pitfalls to expect and avoid, questions to ask and answers to believe.

  • How the implementation team was set up 
  • How to set the right goals and track the right measures to achieve and prove success
  • How to manage your DAM after ‘go live’ to continue to drive value and efficiency from your technology investment
  • Implementation Blues: lessons learned
  • What the DAM delivered: Return on Investment
  • Real life benchmarks to shoot for....just
  • Life after DAM 

Theresa Regli
Holly Boerner
Noah Broadwater
Alex Struminger


3:20 pm

Panel: How the iPad/Tablet has Changed our DAM Consumption – New workflows and The Next Chapter

Just barely two years ago, the ‘tablet’ would have been thought of as something mainly from the office supply store. Perhaps a few of the digital elite would have related to the idea as we now think of it – but only a few. Now seeming almost ubiquitous, the iPad/tablet has placed essential and explosive demands on the ‘digital’ supply store. In this session, the panelists will describe innovative workflows, where the tablet has ‘gone to work’ - reducing expenses, increasing efficiencies, and consuming digital assets in multiple formats. You’ll hear the ‘behind the scenes’ about how they do this, what’s been working and the lessons learned along the way.

David Lipsey
Greg Dyro
Aaron Holm
David Plavin


Leverage the power of DAM to create engaging web experiences

Marketing organizations are increasingly using digital assets to transform their web experience strategy. However, the hidden costs of managing digital assets are painfully evident every time we encounter a trove of images, audio, video clips, animations, and other rich media assets.   Content authors are often disconnected from the creative process, valuable assets are difficult to find and content delivery is slow and cumbersome.  As digital assets play a more critical role in building brands, driving demand and reaching new audiences via the web, organizations are taking new approaches to create, manage, and deliver digital assets to enable dynamic multichannel experiences. 

This presentation will highlight real-world case studies that have helped customers:

  • Create digital assets by connecting creative professionals with content managers
  • Manage asset discovery, sharing, and internal distribution 
  • Deliver dynamic assets for more engaging, personalized experiences

Elliot Sedegah


DAM and the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery eCatalog

A case study on how Boeing is leveraging DAM technology to enable Dreamliner customers, suppliers and employees with a virtual, online complement to Boeing's award-winning Dreamliner Gallery.

Andrew Salop
Jeff Van Dyck


3:50 pm



4:00 pm

LARGE and SUCCESSFUL Corporate DAM projects – challenges, experiences, lessons learned - a critical view

  • project report – home appliances vs. luxury products
  • celum metaversile™ - the solution - real world applications of BIG metaDATA
  • future trends for large projects – DAM is becoming mainstream ECM

Large IT projects are a challenge. For everyone involved. And this goes especially if it is the first real enterprise DAM project for an organization. 

Let’s have a look on what the organizational and technical challenges might be and how to tackle them. We will also look into how to use state of the art metadata technology to allow multiple parts of a large organization to get the most out of the DAM project and to do the most important thing – right at the beginning.

Michael J. Kraeftner, CEO, celum


4:30 pm

ROUNDTABLES: Practical Problems and Everyday Challenges - Adapting DAM to Everyday Working Life. What are the building blocks that make for a successful integration of DAM into your organization?

Facilitators include::
Graham Allan
Bill Covington
Lauren Dohr
Irina Guseva
John Horodyski
Joel Warwick


5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

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6:45 pm

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