HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other DAM-geeks!
Tabitha Yorke, HIT Entertainment

If HS DAM events took place three times a year in NYC, I’d attend each one
Marsha Camera, New York Power Authority

A really engaging event.  Great networking among others facing similar DAM issues.  Thought provoking at day to day implementation and wider enterprise level.
Shirley Hayward,  Williams Lea (Philips)

The best events for DAM professionals, bar none
Michael Wells, Third Light

HS DAM events allow me an opportunity to meet other people facing the same problems and reaping the same type of reward
Kendra Miller, Ogilvy & Mather

HS DAM event opened my eyes to the diversity of the DAM landscape and shared experiences of people within the field.  Recommended.
Douglas McCarthy, National Maritime Museum

HS DAM 2011 brought me up to speed in this exciting area
Gregory Grefenstette, Exalead

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to understand the use of DAM in different ways
Taina Narhi, Face Value OY, Finland

Great line up of speakers: delivering practical information for anybody embarking on their DAM journey
Steve McColan, Vyre

Well done, good informative day, meeting interesting people.  I liked it.
Herbert Wirth, picturesafe GmbH

HS DAM is the tool to a more effective workflow for any industry interested in making profits
Nila Bernstengel, Sesame Workshop

HS NY was a great event and a good time ☺
Dustin Tantum, Beck Atlanta, LLC


Extend your learning at our four Pre-Event Tutorials covering:

  • Fundamentals of DAM: The Technology In-Depth
  • DAM Leadership - Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Metadata for DAM Professionals 
  • Advanced Metadata Practices for DAM

PLUS don't miss our Pre-Event Meetup on Wednesday, May 9

To download a PDF of the agenda please click here

Day 1Day 2

Technology Track

8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast – Exhibition Opens

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9:00 am

Welcome Back!

David Lipsey


9:10 am

Panel: DAM and its Future for Broadcast, Publishing, Media and Entertainment: An “eye to the enterprise” executive roundtable

If there were a “Dow Jones” for content consumption, the index would have skyrocketed since the advent of digital asset management.  Yes, certain “stocks” have been challenged – traditional packaging for books, music, television and movies come quickly to mind.  But as we’ll hear from this panel “born digital” content now increasingly dominates enterprise workflows throughout the “content industries”.

Our maturity in putting DAM to work everyday continues to grow. Learn how leading companies accommodate new devices, new opportunities and an incessant growth in the number of assets they need to manage. Expectations for ease of use, and more and more work flows are common challenges for DAM Managers in all businesses and DAM is vital for creating the context for this content. And if there was a Moore’s Law to predict how digital assets will grow in number, this panel would prove that it under estimated! Hear how these industry leaders oversee – literally – the management of thousands of hours / pages of content every month; how they are thinking about such issues as ‘transcoding in the cloud’, ‘distribution anywhere’, ‘universal assets’, ‘thin apps versus thick apps, metadata, metadata, metadata, Search-as-a-Service, social networking’ and more. The panelists welcome your questions in this interactive session, and are curious to hear about your own digital conundrums!

Richard Buchanan
Lisa Choi Owens
Carin Forman
Jacki Guerra
Michael McGinniss

9:50 am

Panel:End to End Metadata Management and Integration with DAM Processes

Metadata continues to play a vital role in asset reuse, targeting and findability.  As organizations mature in their DAM processes, metadata integration across a range of systems and applications is becoming a key factor in delivering a consistent cross channel customer experience.  

In this track we’ll explore a number of perspectives on metadata integration and harmonization for product and marketing related DAM applications.  These include:

  • Supply chain metadata management for product attributes
  • Cross channel consistency of branding and messaging 
  • Metadata management and optimization of the end user experience

Seth Earley
Charlie Gray
Carin Forman
Sally Hubbard
Ira Kleinberg


Panel: Handling ‘Work in Progress’ – how creative teams can use DAM

DAM is increasingly important in facilitating collaboration and ensuring quicker, more productive ‘creative work-in-progress’.

DAM may:

  • Be used for pre-approval, multi-directional collaborator input, often from highly mobile, widely dispersed contributors handling both photo and video as well as text..  
  • Provide the workshop where original storyboards and scripted assets are put together as ‘work-in-progress’ and held for future reference.
  • House the resource in and from which creative teams locate images and video.
  • Facilitate rights clearance and create sophisticated security filters that ensure only properly authorized team members can access and use assets.
  • Create the common point of interaction – the space in which all work-in-progress and assets are managed until the final version (ad, layout, video, etc.) is complete.
  • Organize the “stock-room” where finished assets (and all the ‘good but not for now’) are kept for future adaptation and use. 

A panel discussion on: ‘How DAM is changing creative team work and work flows’. 

As DAM moves further towards driving content creation work flows these are the issues to resolve. Join this panel for an informed assessment of the issues and solutions illustrated by reference to a wide variety of activities and content

David Lipsey
Kathleen Blakistone
Ron Malloy
Evan Shore


Creative Workflow in the Enterprise

Creativity is core to the Adobe DNA, and our ability to manage your creative assets, whether they are source files from the Creative Suite or output as images, documents or web pages, is unparalleled. Come and see how DAM can be an active part of your creative workflow rather than the place where assets go to die. 

Geoff Mroz, Senior Solutions Architect, Media and Entertainment, Adobe Systems Inc.


10:20 am

Creativity and Execution: How Xinet and TeleScope Provide A Solution That Embraces Both

Effective multi-channel marketing requires companies to manage multi-source digital media across channels, but creative teams demand independence to be able to do the best work they can. In this session we look at how a combined Xinet and North Plains solution enables creatives to reuse multi-source digital media, companies to manage complex multi-source digital media workflows, and teams to use the best processes for their task at hand.

Scott Seebass, VP Engineering & Office of the CTO, North Plains Systems
Mohan Taylor, Office of the CTO, North Plains Systems


10:50 am



11:00 am

Why DAM Doesn't Work for Creatives

Creative groups and creative users simply don't want and shouldn't have to work in the DAM. DAM systems solve important issues related to the long term archive and distribution of approved assets.  

But in reality DAM systems are built for IT teams, leaving out the creative user needs and work in progress content.  If you are interested in helping your creative users this session is a must.

In this session, we'll explore:

  • Unique characteristics and requirements of creative users 
  • Core differences between asset management and work in progress collaboration
  • Next generation technology trends 
  • High speed file transfer
  • iPad and mobile users
  • Multi-touch computing
  • Private cloud/hybrid cloud software delivery
  • How leading organizations such as Turner Broadcasting, Victoria's Secret, Warner Bros, and Saatchi & Saatchi are using GLOBALedit for web, iPad, and Microsoft Surface to connect their creative teams

Aaron Holm, VP Business Development, Industrial Color


11:30 am

Panel: Beyond DAMs: Moving to a new product delivery paradigm for digital assets

Hear from industry experts who are helping their organizations transform to tackle the new digital marketplace.  Digital growth is not just about delivering the same products and packages but is instead an increasingly complex challenge of delivering the right assets to the right audience at the right time.  This is leading to a change from mass delivery to mass customization.  Tackling the hard problems of metadata management, automated asset delivery and digital supply chain are key to making sure your business stays on top of the digital market.

In this session we will discuss how their organizations are meeting these challenges by rethinking traditional workflows and technology architectures. And Matt Turner, Senior Director, Worldwide Media Solutions from MarkLogic will discuss how new approaches to technology are enabling these changes.

David Lipsey
Brian Cross
Paul Nicholson
Matt Turner


More Real World Case Studies

Moderator: Lauren Dohr


UNICEF Case Study: Socializing DAM

The success of a DAM or other enterprise technology project depends upon system adoption within the organization. This presentation addresses the social aspect of system user adoption and maintains that “socializing DAM” is a key component to the long-term success of the project. 

Because the success of collaborative technology platforms like DAM depend heavily on the system’s adoption by motivated stakeholders and key social influencers within the organization, we can learn valuable lessons for project management from studying the introduction of innovation in social systems. These concepts should be considered and incorporated into the project design phase of a new DAM implementation. Using the implementation of a DAM system at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as an example, the speaker explores the concepts and some techniques for designing a DAM technology project in ways that ensure good internal support across the organization, and good system user adoption.

Alex Struminger

Using DAM to socialize, engage and tailor your branded marketing efforts

Use intuitive DAM tools to develop and launch a new product effectively and quickly

  • From concept product naming
  • To on-brand product paunch 
  • …And through to measuring Return on Investment (ROI)

Louise Gillis, Director, Strategic Consulting, BrandWizard


11:50 am

Case Study from American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is in the fifth year of a large-scale project to digitize 1.8 million pages of historic textual material.  The archive houses one of the most significant collections for the study of modern Jewish history in the world. It comprises no less than the organizational records of JDC, the overseas rescue, relief, and rehabilitation arm of the American Jewish community; as such the digitized archives represent a rich resource for both family historians and scholars. Access was first provided to the public this spring.

During this session, we will explore lessons learned in the project for imaging, metadata practices and xml creation and likely future directions in online collaboration. We shall also share highlights from this remarkable collection. Particular attention will be paid to the central role DAM played and is playing in an archival setting.  

Maria LaCalle


12:10 pm

The Role of Digital Assets in Securing and Enhancing Customer Loyalty – workflows, insights, the role of social media and analytics

We read, write and share with millions. It’s a fact of our “always-on” world. The Internet is built around people and relationships, not just content. This has been the case for a while now, but something important has changed lately. 

For the first time, social interactions and influence are measurable. This is a shift of huge magnitude in business communications. This ability to measure influence is moving the social tools and platforms into the professional communicators’ toolboxes. New tools are being built to capture knowledge with digital assets (images, video, documents, etc.) and people’s direct and indirect involvement in content. Those same tools are also useful in determining content’s effectiveness.

Social media is rapidly maturing into sophisticated technologies built on relationships, knowledge and the power of the network effect. We will take a dive into how social media has evolved, who is using the tools and why. We’ll also look at why digital asset management will remain the bedrock for harnessing all the data and measuring successes and failures.

Mark Davey


Case Study: Sharing Information Across Two DAMs - UPS and Ogilvy

This session will describe the process and challenges of sharing information from a SQL-based advertising DAM to a XML-based business archive DAM.  Issues addressed will include rights management, the structure of different DAMs, and crosswalking metadata from one system to another.

Elizabeth Keathley


Digital Asset Management (DAM) and so much more

Kodak Design2Launch Brand Manager

Today's best in class DAM solutions typically have 3 core components: Workflow, Project Management and Digital Asset Management.

Hear how leading companies in CPG and Pharma are building their core business process applications around these 3 components.  They didn't all get there from day one, but over time have migrated to a productive solution which is more intelligent in supporting their customers and core marketing applications. 

Josh will share an example of how the world's largest pharmaceutical company has built a packaging workflow with DAM solution in a highly regulated industry. And how 2 of the top 100 CPG grocery brands link their assets to global marketing campaigns, which drives productivity and reduced design agency spend. 

In sharing these examples Josh hopes to help you think differently about your respective DAM implementations and how to improve your internal and customer experience and satisfaction levels. 

Josh Fedeli, Solutions Sales Manager, Kodak Design2Launch Solutions


12:35 pm

Audience Q&A – The Year of the Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is getting a lot of press right now. From ‘Wired’ magazine to being the hot topic at’ NAB 2012’, everyone wants to know more about the benefits this approach can bring. This is your opportunity to quiz one of the pioneers of hybrid cloud technology. Ramki Sankaranarayanan, CEO, Prime Focus Technologies is an industry expert behind a hybrid cloud technology which is already managing over 150,000 hours of content for organizations across the media and entertainment space. Join Ramki and moderator David Lipsey for an audience Q&A on the Hybrid Cloud, and find out more about the financial, security and efficiency benefits this technology can bring to your organization.

Ramki Sankaranarayanan


Case Study: Turning the Tables on Print Textbooks: Opportunities & Challenges in Converting Print Tables of Contents to Digital Taxonomies

Over the past several years, Pearson plc, owner of Financial Times Group and Penguin Group, has acquired several academic publishers in the US.  The new Pearson Higher Education's mission is “To move its people and various local infrastructures as quickly as possible from producing one-version-fits-all textbooks to offering highly customizable learning solutions”.  Fundamentally, this requires a unifying transition from organizing content planning, acquisition, development, production, marketing, and sales around thousands of book tables of contents and associated text to organizing the business around taxonomies. The outcomes will enable staff, vendors, and customers to find, access, and repurpose billions of digital assets.  

The Career team within the Health Sciences & Career division supports a conglomerate of disciplines, including Agriculture, Automotive Technology, Building & Technical Trades, Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism, Fashion & Interior Design, and Legal Studies.  This case study describes opportunities and challenges discovered by the project team in aggregating tables of contents, chapter headers, and associated learning objectives, then synthesizing them into robust, discipline-level taxonomies useful for competitive analysis, strategic planning, and digital asset management.

Heather Hedden
Ira Kleinberg


1:00 pm



Lunch sponsored by:


1:20 pm

The Future of MultiChannel Publishing : On the Web - For the Web

MediaBeacon's founder Jason Bright will discuss how the move of information consumption to electronic delivery is revolutionizing the tools used to create that information, the businesses involved, and the speed of development of information.

  • What are the new delivery methodologies
  • What technologies are here now and can be used
  • What technologies are coming soon
  • What technologies we use today are going extinct
  • How will this new ecosystem affect businesses in the existing chain

Jason Bright, President & CTO, MediaBeacon, Inc.


1:50 pm

2:00 pm

ADAM - so much more than just DAM

The ADAM Marketing Execution Platform was built from the ground up to tackle the challenges you face in the managing, structuring or delivering of media, in any environment.

In this Technical session, Maarten Laruelle, Global Pre-Sales Manager at ADAM Software, will demonstrate what differentiates ADAM from the competition in the ways it responds to the enterprise marketing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Maarten Laruelle, Global Pre-Sales Manager, ADAM Software


2:30 pm

Panel: Meeting the developing needs of DAM users - predicting the future, always difficult but always fun

We again turn to the executives who lead the companies that provide the digital asset management software and services you use and will be using. Taken together, the members of this panel touch directly very many millions of assets currently under management – and many millions of dollars (or euro’s) of software development. We’ve asked them to tell us what the future holds- as they see it - where is DAM going? What organizational changes in their clients are they seeing and anticipating? What partnerships are important to them? What kinds of acquisitions and mergers await us? Is DAM becoming a “launch platform” for diverse workflows, or part of the ERP stack - or both? Join us - and bring your questions - as we look beyond the horizon for DAM.

Tracy Askam
Jason Bright
James Christopher
Philippe Coulon
Guy Hellier
Michael J. Kraeftner


Panel: Using DAM best practices to manage video workflows

DAM can offer fantastic improvements for managing photos and print workflows, but what about video? It's clear that video is what everyone in marketing, social networks and other communication channels is asking for.  Is it possible to use the same DAM system for video as for print? What are the best practices for managing these assets as opposed to graphics or layouts? What are the challenges for the DAM librarian as well as the creative video professional? Who owns the metadata and where should the assets live? 

In this lively session, Dan McGraw will unpack the growing trends, challenges and solutions of Media Asset Management (MAM) within the larger scope of a strategic DAM initiative and how the two can ‘play nice’ together. And what happens when they don't!

Dan McGraw
Christopher Hoffelt
Jenni Matz
David McAllister


3:20 pm

Intersection of DAM with other Technologies – with Integrated Marketing Management, CRM, CMS, SAP, Oracle and other ERP Systems, and Collaboration Tools

DAM is maturing into an enterprise application. With virtually all content of any importance being “born digital” – whether a brand icon or a comic book – it’s only natural that DAM would increasingly intersect with other enterprise systems. In this session, you’ll gain both a general overview of how we see this across the DAM landscape, as well as hear specific examples of DAM’s role in IMM, CMS and interacting with industrial strength ERP systems.  Bring your insights and questions about interacting with other workflow and collaboration tools

Joe Bachana
Barbara Roscher
Marque Staneluis
Joozer Tohfafarosh
Steve Kotrch


Panel: Media Asset Management: Unlocking the Value of Content

Media Assessment Management (MAM/DAM) is an important part of the media production infrastructure.  MAMs provide efficient and effective storage of media files and common access across the enterprise. While these systems have already shown significant value, they are now becoming a key enabler of growth. MAMs are supporting new business models and platforms - as well as helping media companies leverage data, create new levels of consumer engagement and support the understanding of content based value.

This panel will provide insights into leading MAM initiatives, share observations on business improvements and discuss how MAM will address the challenges ahead


Sam Bogoch
Stewart Frey
Carol Thomas-Knipes


4:00 pm



The Coming Fall of Silo Information and Thinking or Web 3.0

Mark Davey, founder of the DAM Foundation Ltd., explains how the next wave of the web will be controlled by the marketing and business technologists. 

The new tools will plug into the linked data semantic web worlds and beyond; as the data discovery explodes onto our devices the way we do business, learn and educate will change forever. Data and in particular linked data will play an important part as we change our business rules and maximise data verticals and channels: from segmentation and metrics through analysis and beyond into predictive measuring and real time targeted rapid response tools. Mark Davey takes a deep dive into marketing of the future with a view to building a roadmap using the tools of today for the businesses of tomorrow.


4:30 pm

Panel: Digital Assets + Rights Management: Integrating Two Worlds

As content distribution continues to involve an increasing number of channels and business models, companies need to take a structured and integrated approach to rights management.  This is not about DRM per se; this is about understanding what you have, how it’s being used, and how it’s being monetized. 

It’s no longer sufficient to treat content rights as the legal department’s exclusive purview or to handle rights information in a single person’s or workgroup’s spreadsheet or desktop database. Rights information management requirements call for a sophisticated enterprise-wide capability and must be done right. It’s a way to build new revenue opportunities through content provision while minimizing legal risk and administrative costs.

In this panel, leading experts will share case studies, experiences and successes of integrating rights management into their content management and distribution systems. They will explore changes in the digital media supply chain and expose issues around systematic rights information management. The panel members will offer advice on which tools and approaches worked well for capturing and exploiting structured rights information and show how such rights can add increased value within a fragmented distribution environment. They will also review key industry initiatives that illustrate the ways that leading companies are approaching the highlighted issues.

Bill Rosenblatt
Amy Cooper
Greg Fioravanti
Madi Weland Solomon


5:15 pm

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David Lipsey
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Elizabeth Keathley
Board Member DAM Foundation

Chad Beer
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