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Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Enterprise DAM Adoption

Every large scale DAM implementation or system replacement is a complex and unpredictable venture – that’s true for all organizations. However, as DAM enters maturity we are in a better position to mitigate risk and improve the chances of successful outcomes.  

This webinar focuses on how to achieve these desirable objectives by reviewing lessons learned from one of the world’s largest enterprise DAM operations and the individuals working on the ‘front lines’ of the integration efforts.


Global Chair
Lead Digital Content Technology
Kraft Heinz Company
Senior DAM Architect
Engagement Manager
Allied Vaughn

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Allied Vaughn provides professional services to support our client DAM operations. Some of our largest clients include GM, Ford, Chrysler, McKesson, Warner Brothers, MGM and FOX. We develop strategic partnerships that help our clients consolidate, digitize, organize, archive, manage and distribute rich media in electronic and physical formats. This effort is also supported using our unique Media-On-Demand (MOD) fulfilment service model.