Code of Conduct

Henry Stewart Group policy: ensuring an appropriate, inclusive, safe and productive event environment
All participants are expected to maintain a high level of propriety and behaviour, respecting and extending courtesy and consideration to all other participants. Sexual, discriminatory and exclusionary jokes and language are not appropriate. 

Participants may not in action or words engage in discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, physical appearance, age, race, colour or nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status or personal attributes; harassment (verbal, written, physical or behavioural) is not permitted.

Compliance: participants who in the opinion of Henry Stewart representatives do not act in accordance with this Henry Stewart Group policy will be required to leave the event immediately. If any participant believes that they or another participant has been the subject of contravention of this Henry Stewart Group policy or has observed any breach of the policy as described herein they may report the matter to a representative of Henry Stewart Group who will take appropriate action.