About the Henry Stewart Group

The Henry Stewart Group has been a leader in providing graduate and continuing professional education in technology, science, business and management for over 30 years through conferences and exhibitions, peer-reviewed vocational journals, and online education for commercial enterprises, business schools, universities, government, non-profit organisations and medical schools. 

The roles of HS Events and The HS Property Hub within the Henry Stewart Group are twofold. Henry Stewart Events provides worldwide state of the art, face to face events and webinars in the Digital Asset Management and Creative Operations spaces. The HS Property Hub is a leading provider of CPD property courses, webinars and online content in the UK. 

Each year, HSE and The HS Property Hub collectively produce over 90 conferences, training courses, webinars, workshops and tutorials. Underlying all activities is a commitment to provide post qualification briefings and training of practical relevance to the real needs of the working practitioner.

Many thousands have already benefited from 'Henry Stewart' content and we anticipate many more will do so in the future.