Processing Data in Pursuit of a Legitimate Interest

As permitted under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation we process data in furtherance of our legitimate interest in offering and delivering services beneficial to academic institutions (faculty teachers, researchers, support and administrative staff and students at institutions of higher education) and practitioners in commerce, industry and the professions. We do not provide goods or services of a consumer nature. Neither do we collect or process demographic or sensitive data. Such processing is necessary since there is no practical, alternative method of providing such information. We have considered the interests, rights and freedoms of individuals with whom we communicate (data subjects) and the nature and extent of data we process. We note that for most data subjects the information comprises no more than the published business email address, name, job title and employer. We do not store or process data of children. Data subjects are not harmed and would expect the limited, work related communication of the type in which we engage and the processing we undertake. All data subjects may request that we desist from sending communications to them, storing personal information relating to them or processing such data. We comply with such requests save when there are legal requirements preventing us from doing so or it is necessary to retain information either because it is required to prevent sending further communications to the data subject or there is a contractual or other legal dispute requiring retention.