Perrie Schad


Perrie Schad Consulting

Perrie Schad is a creative operations consultant based in New York City. Her 20+ years of experience in the photo industry has given her a unique viewpoint, having worked on-set as a photographer, art director, digital tech, and producer. Additionally, she has an extensive background in managing premier in-house photo studios and agencies and designing profitable photo studios for leading retailers such as Nordstrom, Target, and GiltRue (formerly RueLaLa). As part of her consulting business, Perrie is focused on creating efficient physical and digital workspaces through aligning workflows, implementing industry best practices, and modernizing technology. Perrie works with brands, commercial studios, and technology providers to help creative teams be more effective.

What others say

The HS Creative Production event introduced me to new ideas and the suppliers who could help bring them to life.

Claire Piipponen

Creative Production provided a great platform for learning, exchanging ideas and networking.

James Levin
Stony Brook University

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Robert Kot