Rising Stars, Rising Standards

May 16, 9:40 AM EDT

The creative production industry finds itself at a critical moment, balancing two potentially competing demands.

On one side, there’s the harmonious collaboration between professionals and artists, focusing on values that prioritize people and the planet.

On the other, there are requirements for efficiency and the maximization of profit.  Often at the expense of ethical and environmental concerns.

May Lin shares the steps she has taken to navigate this challenge, describing key learnings and notable successes.  She invites engagement in answering the questions, what if we establish clear value systems and empower industry professionals to become agents of change, how does that work out in practice?

And then May Lin leads a discussion on whether we can re-imagine a production industry that carefully crafts products, services, and projects with an ethical lens and what has to happen to make that a reality.

What others say

The HS Creative Production event introduced me to new ideas and the suppliers who could help bring them to life.

Claire Piipponen

Creative Production provided a great platform for learning, exchanging ideas and networking.

James Levin
Stony Brook University

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot