As a DAM manager, you are no doubt used to wearing many hats, from librarian to tech support and everything in between. And you may think of ‘product management’ as something your vendor does. While vendors certainly do keep up their own feature list and roadmap, you also have the power to ‘productize’ your DAM – your unique combination of technology, features and services all go into creating your product.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of a product management mindset, and how to use the necessary tools and frameworks to take your DAM to the next level, to keep it growing and evolving over the long term.

Adopting a DAM-specific approach, the course will consider:

  • Data models and governance, and how to fit them in to your overall product management approach.
  • How utilizing a Product Management approach can help you manage the crucial relationships with your users, your internal stakeholders and your vendor(s).
  • How to use Product Management to align competing needs and requests.

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About the course

This is a course for DAM professionals who want to take their DAM leadership skills to the next level with a structured approach to managing their resources and requirements – no previous experience with product management is necessary, nor is familiarity with any specific product management methodology, toolset or framework. The approaches used in this course can be applied in any environment and do not require investment in any additional tools or packages. What is learned can be practiced and deployed immediately.


Session 1: November 6, 2024 - What is product management – and how does it relate to DAM?
Session 2: November 13, 2024 - Effective product management for DAM: roles & responsibilities
Session 3: November 19, 2024 - Building your vision and roadmap – and aligning it with your DAM vendor
Session 4: November 21, 2024 - Keeping the machine running: backlog grooming and ongoing stakeholder management

You can view the full series summary here