Dario Albanesi

DesignOps Strategist

Freelance Consultant

Dario is a global design leader with over a decade of experience in HCI, usability engineering, information architecture, digital product design, and DesignOps.

Throughout his career, Dario has collaborated with industry leaders in Switzerland and across the world, unifying user experiences and enhancing efficiency. His projects have included working on user experiences, implementing DesignOps methodologies, and leading delivery excellence initiatives that equip high-performing teams with tools and processes to accelerate delivery and increase quality.

At EPAM Continuum, Dario led the Research and Usability practice in Switzerland and is an integral part of EPAM Continuum's global DesignOps Practice. He specializes in building and scaling research and design teams, developing and mentoring UX practitioners, and passionately advocating for human centricity.

What others say

HS Design Operations events provide me with the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in the industry and share learnings to help each other strive to be the most efficient and supportive teams we can be.

Antonia Duffin

HS Design Operations events are a new and unique format for meeting peers and exchanging about current developments in the industry - as well as a great way to grow the community. Enjoyed it a lot and looking forward to the next conference.

Florian Lindner
casavi GmbH

HS DesignOps events provided me with the opportunity to connect with similar minded professionals, who I can call friends! Sessions were engaging and provided me some valuable nuggets to take it forward and apply! 

Amit Tripathi