Rick Bump

Chief Revenue and Operations Officer


Rick's career spans over 30 years with extensive technology leadership experience at globally renowned companies, fostering and driving growth in both public and private organizations. At Rimage, Rick brings his strategic lens to support bringing a product and service strategy to market that helps organizations address their evolving enterprise data volume and management needs. Under his leadership, his team drives the brand strategy, expands the product portfolio to new markets, and helps customers extract optimal value from their data management strategies.

Rick has built his career by understanding that technology is not limited to a functional department but is a business imperative in growth and that transformation impacts people, process, and the customer from product innovation to every touch point in business operations. Prior to joining Rimage, he held leadership positions at DATAMYTE Inc., Ernst & Young, and Digital River.

Rick’s advice to data managers: “Being a strong data steward means optimizing data throughout your organization to drive better informed decision-making to achieve organizational goals.”