Lulit Tesfaye

Partner, VP of Knowledge & Data Services and Engineering

Enterprise Knowledge, LLC.

Lulit Tesfaye is a Partner and the VP of Knowledge & Data Services and Engineering at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC., the largest global consultancy dedicated to Knowledge and Data management. Lulit brings over 15 years of experience leading multi-million dollar information and data management initiatives, specializing in technologies and integrations within the public and the private sectors. Lulit joined Enterprise Knowledge, LLC. (EK) in 2016, playing a key role in each of EK’s previous phases of growth. She founded EK’s Knowledge Graphs and Advanced Data & Enterprise AI Practices, taking a lead role in shaping the Knowledge Graph industry and leading the inclusion of Graphs, Semantics, and Advanced Data and AI in KM Strategies. 

Lulit is currently focused on employing practical AI and semantic capabilities for optimizing organizational knowledge, data, and information assets.