The Art of Mastering End-to-End Marketing Campaigns with Agency Partnerships

Wednesday October 2, 2024


Creating a successful marketing campaign requires a seamless blend of creativity, strategy, and meticulous planning. Today’s dynamic, digital landscape makes that achievable.

This webinar presents a comprehensive step by step guide to taking your marketing assets from concept to completion. With a special focus on what to do when collaborating with an external agency to ensure that you retain effective management of your digital assets, at every step of the way.

Covering best practices for collaborative digital asset management, including:

  • Handling pre-production assets
  • Capturing talent rights
  • Maintaining complex asset relationships
  • Getting all the necessary approvals
  • Sharing and securing assets throughout the campaign lifecycle - and beyond publication.

Whether you’re new to working with agencies or looking to refine your approach, this webinar is for you - valuable insights and practical tools to elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights.


  • Effective collaboration techniques for managing digital asset production when working with marketing agencies.
  • How best to navigate rights and relationships data for complex, composite digital assets.
  • Strategies for ensuring your campaign assets are protected and aligned with your brand.

Raise your marketing game by mastering the art of agency collaboration and digital asset management - an opportunity not to be missed.


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Vice President of Product Management

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