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Creative Ops | The biggest FAIL for an in-house agency: Saying YES to the wrong work

Are we saying “no” enough? The top in-house agencies today ask themselves this question daily. So should you.


As tempting as it is to say “yes” to every request from your internal stakeholders, saying “yes” to the wrong type of work erodes your in-house brand, turns over your best staff, and leads to chaos.


Join this session to discover how leading in-house agency teams can:

  • Carve out the work that doesn’t fit your mission, and free up your best creatives for high-impact work.
  • Earn the work you want by better positioning and selling your capabilities and in-house strengths.
  • Be seen as a strategic business partner instead of a transactional vendor.
  • Learn how to say yes (if you must) without wreaking havoc to your creative ops or losing credibility with your stakeholders.


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


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President, Community & Customer Engagement

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