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Blueprinting your DAM for a Modern Marketing Makeover

Great marketing houses should be built on solid foundations and maintained in good condition. Many organizations and marketing departments are patchwork quilts of technology, applications and enterprise platforms, deployed on premise and in the cloud. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an essential enabling solution for transforming both the customer experience and operational business processes in Marketing, Sales and Service.  

So is your house in need of a makeover? DAM ensures the foundations are adequate and the superstructure fit for purpose. A good DAM delivers your marketing - today and into the future. 

Marketing practice is very different from what it was just four or five years ago. Rich media. Social marketing. Omnichannel strategies. User-generated content. Analytics. Platforms du jour. All are essential components of successful delivery. Don’t let your marketing organization suffer with last-generation technology and outdated asset management practices. In the modern digital enterprise DAM is not a stand-alone, monolithic application nor is it an end in itself. DAM is an enabling business application serving the entire enterprise by extending business processes with digital media workflows and services. 

In this webinar, Cathy McKnight from Digital Clarity Group, John Price from OpenText, and Kyle Hufford from Monster Energy discuss how to start blueprinting a modern DAM foundation, supported by three pillars: 

  • Capabilities beyond DAM lite
  • Integration with other marketing and experience management ecosystems
  • Future-friendly open architecture

This is a can’t miss virtual event for marketers who are struggling to meet today’s marketing requirements with yesterday’s DAM technology.


Director of Digital Asset Management
Monster Energy
Co-Founder and Vice President
Digital Clarity Group
Product Marketing Manager

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