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Content Creation - From Brief to Deliverable

A deep dive into topics that matter and that move the needle - for you and your organization.

We all know that content is the key to connecting with your customers and wider audience. It is the backbone of a strong digital strategy. It supports your brand in its connection with consumers. It creates emotionally driven engagement. It is a vital element in driving that engagement to ‘the next stage’ and, ultimately to ‘Completing the Sale’.

But how do we keep up with the “content velocity” of today?

In this series, moderated by Clair Carter-Ginn and featuring a host of industry experts and thought leaders, we’ll explore the current state of content creation, as well as tactics and strategies to help you optimize content production as we move to the future.

The series covers:

  • New approaches
  • Best practices
  • Talent – recognition and development
  • Improving collaboration and communication
  • The importance of data and metadata
  • Creating and utilizing a centralized workflow for all content creation - from ecomm to campaign and everywhere in-between

Speakers present insightful case studies and examples of real-world implementation. We’ll discuss challenges, successes, innovative ideas, agility, flexibility and more. Q&As will be featured in each session to provide ample opportunity for all participants to engage with the impressive line-up of speakers.

Series Summary

Session 1: People, Process & Technology: Finding success through flexibility

To access the recording, click here

Managing multiple freelancers can be unyielding, leaving teams frustrated and disconnected with more time spent juggling contracts and organizing projects. Skip the rigidity and gain visibility with a partner that wraps around your tech stack and offers the right combination of people and hours to fill capacity and capability gaps. Working with flexible resourcing models, Brainrider has embraced opportunities to scale up and down with clients based on changing priorities and budgets.

Join CEO Scott Armstrong & Director of Production Kaneesha Serjue for an inside look at the pain-points, successes, and unexpected challenges of scaling marketing with a well-known global tech brand.


Clair Garter-Ginn, Partner, Forecast

Scott Armstrong, CEO, Brainrider

Kaneesha Serjue, Director of Production and Workflow Operations, Brainrider


Session 2: Finding the perfect blend of in-house, out of house and hybrid

To access the recording, click here

In-house creative agencies & teams are under more pressure than ever, often now with more internal resourcing constraints. With demand for more content across more channels and capabilities, how can in-house teams adapt by finding the right blend (for their unique circumstances) of in-house, out-of-house and hybrid partnership models?

Find out what the teams of yesterday, today and tomorrow will need to do to not only survive times of uncertainty and constraints, but thrive and grow.

Moderated by Clair Carter-Ginn, partner at Forecast Agency, join Corey Dill Director of Marketing Operations at Stanford Health Care, and Corey O’Brien VP of Strategy at Aquent Studios, for a lively and informative conversation.


Clair Garter-Ginn, Partner, Forecast

Corey Dill, Director of Marketing Operations, Stanford Health Care

Corey O'Brien, Vice President, Strategy & Solutions, Aquent Studios


Creative Operations + Studio Consultant
Partner and CEO
Aquent Studios
Director of Marketing Operations
Stanford Health Care
Director of Production and Workflow Operations

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