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Creative Ops | From Brief to Deliverable: How to use data-driven creativity to fuel your creative engine

Demand for Content is greater than ever. The number of content channels is increasing as never before. Workforces are distributed widely, frequently working remotely and often in fluid, hybrid office/remote interactive networks. 

At this webinar: learn how world-leading brands are leveraging data across their creative process to stay ahead of the game. 

By building the right structures and gates at every stage of the content production lifecycle, data will empower your creative team to understand what content resonates best with your customers, as well as what drives key metrics and business objectives like personalization, speed to market, and cost efficiency.

In this webinar: join Stephanie Ma, Senior Manager of Walmart Creative Operations, Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner at Forecast Agency, and Nick Gubbins, Co-founder and CEO of Atellio in discussing latest thinking on creative data, including:

  • Collecting operational insights to drive capacity requirements
  • Using creative and budget insights to influence top of funnel content requests
  • Leverage production data to help with marketing initiatives such as personalization


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CEO & Co-founder
Senior Manager
Walmart Creative Operations

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