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Creative Ops | Creative Ops Goes Hybrid: How Adobe’s In-house Studio Leverages Hybrid Agency Partnerships

Adobe products are the backbone of the creative and marketing industries, used daily by hundreds of thousands of people in a variety of roles. Hear about Adobe’s unique, forward-looking approach to in-house creative operations, which has contributed to a more efficient, more scalable and lower-cost operation while maintaining the high-bar creative they’re known for.
During this conversation, we will:

  • Discuss the operational components that unleash more in-house creativity
  • Look at nontraditional resourcing models and structures
  • Share tips on getting buy-in from senior creative leadership to test new models and approaches
  • Explore an agency perspective on the when, what, and why in-house agencies benefit from thinking differently about how they scale


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Group Studio Manager
Aquent Studios
Director, Creative Operations
Aquent Studios

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Aquent Studios

Aquent is a hybrid agency that uniquely combines the creative chops of an agency with the capabilities of a talent consultancy, along with a strength in creative ops & delivery. By challenging conventional wisdom, we continuously innovate across talent, agency services, and technology within the creative space and beyond. The name Aquent actually means “not a follower.”