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Creative Ops | Effective Time Management: Structuring your Communication and Workflow

The prime objective
How moving from a reactive way of working to a more proactive one saves time – the most valuable resource we have. 
No generalised theory – rather some very simple, specific changes that yield great dividends. 
Addressing the increasing number of interruptions often caused by the very same technology that is supposed to help and make our lives easier.
Where lessons were learned 
Working with people from multiple different backgrounds: 
  • Music industry
  • Scoro, a global software company
Actionable insight on:
  • Time management
  • Functioning structures
  • Work-life balance
  • Countering weapons of mass distraction


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Founder & CEO

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Scoro is an award-winning work management software for collaborative teams. 

Thousands of businesses in 60+ countries trust Scoro as a scalable solution for increasing margins and data-driven decision-making across all areas of work – from projects and sales through to billing and reporting.