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Creative Ops | Future-proof the process: Hear how Aviva improve collaboration across creative and design teams

Join this exciting webinar to learn how Aviva helped their teams to create, share, test, and ship better designs to truly future-proof the design process.

You'll learn:

  • How to perfect the art of communication across teams/functions - ensuring everyone is speaking the same language
  • Participate in the wider design and creative community - sharing design inspiration
  • Team formation and structure and improve collaboration across your Creative and Design teams
  • Embracing reviews and feedback


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.



Design Lead
Enterprise Account Executive

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Figma is the design platform for teams who build products together. Born on the Web, Figma helps teams create, share, test, and ship better designs — from start to finish. Whether it’s consolidating tools, simplifying workflows, or collaborating across teams and time zones, Figma makes the design process faster, more efficient, and fun while keeping everyone on the same page.