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DAM Deployments: On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid?

With the world of enterprise software moving conclusively toward SaaS cloud-based solutions, is there still a place for on premise DAM deployment? This webinar explores the current state of the on premise DAM versus cloud DAM deployment debate, and delineates necessary criteria for weighing which deployment direction could best serve your organization. The webinar will cover security, the speed of local area networks versus internet connectivity and how regulatory demands, workflow considerations and the strength of your IT department can all impact your deployment strategy.

Key Issues to be Addressed:

  • IT cost/benefit analysis
  • DAM security, speed and mobile access 
  • Aligning business process with deployment
  • Workflow considerations
  • Advantages of hybrid deployment


Senior Account Executive
Global Chair

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Canto is a long-standing leader in the digital asset management community. Canto delivers scalable software and services for today’s digital-first world. Over 2,500 customers rely on Canto’s flagship technology, Cumulus, to protect brand assets and improve efficiency. Canto was founded in 1990 with offices in San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany.