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Headless DAM: Increasing Content to Market Speed and Agility

Digital Marketing is evolving from traditional image and video-based content to modern Digital Experiences. 

For example:
  • E-Commerce – moving from classical online stores to models that engage users across a myriad of channels, matching modern buyer journeys. 
  • Real Estate - from conventional image-based listings to 360° visits and immersive 3D experiences. 
  • News & Media – finding the perfect mix of text, images, dynamic infographics and video to keep readers engaged.
Implementing a single source-of-truth DAM for media assets is the foundation for Digital Experiences. However, a siloed DAM system which is not integrated with Marketing and Publishing stacks is only half of the solution.
The whole solution? A Headless DAM which simplifies Content Operations and streamlines publishing of optimized Digital Experiences across any channel.
In this webinar we will show how Headless DAM is the glue which holds together the ever-evolving MarTech landscape. We will explore how, through the use of APIs, SDKs, and Widgets, your organization can become more agile and enable marketing teams to beat the competition, win the SEO race and increase Content to Market speeds.



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Scaleflex is developing scalable and flexible Digital Asset Management and Image & Video Optimization solutions. Our mission is to load, store, organize, optimize, publish and accelerate all media assets to all channels via easy-to-implement and use cloud solutions. With more than 100 Million new brand assets per month under management, Scaleflex helps over 500 organizations, including Michelin, St Gobain, Toom, Printemps WhiteStuff, SeLoger, Knight Frank, Sotheby's Realty and various SaaS companies to provide more engaging, personalized experiences for their customers around the world.