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The Importance of Protecting the Past, Future-Proofing Archives and Reaching New Audiences with AMOT

Up until last year, a large amount of military content was inaccessible or only visible if you were able to visit the museums in person. There was a big disconnect between future generations and their history. AMOT (Army Museums Ogilby Trust) wanted to provide an opportunity for diverse content to be utilized for educational purposes. 
Digital asset management (DAM) technology enabled AMOT to reach new audiences by digitising over 2.4 million assets from the first world war, some of which have never been seen before.
The process of digitizing 114 regimental collections has proved both challenging and rewarding. Even with the right tools, AMOT found that their platform is only as good as its users; and technology adoption across the business is no easy thing. 
Join Tom Wild, Account Manager, Imagen and Paul Evans, Historical Projects, AMOT to discover:
  • How to successfully implement a DAM solution and reach new audiences
  • Understand the challenges of a DAM project and the importance of technology adoption across your organization
  • How cloud technology helps remove barriers and increase accessibility for end-users during the pandemic


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Senior Account Manager
Historical Projects Officer

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