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The Power of Linking assets in Adobe Creative Cloud

Whether you are linking to or pulling assets from your DAM, MAM or PIM, join this session to discover how creative teams can accelerate workflow using a smart connector (CI Hub) between these systems and Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC).

Using extensions, creatives and marketers are able to find assets more easily and, importantly, ensure brand consistency. With sophisticated AI, the built-in automation speeds the process and helps to deliver personalised, timely messages faster and more efficiently.

Join our webinar presenters to learn more about streamlining your Marketing Operations to enable your team to work smarter, not harder.


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CI HUB is one tool to connect and provide a single source of access. Whether you are linking to or pulling data from your DAM, MAM, PIM, MRM, or your CMS data domains, the CI HUB provides a single In-App point of access, accelerating the flow of digital assets to your production workflows.