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Powerful and easy ways to use Rights Management for your Assets within Adobe and Microsoft Creative Tools!

Knowing when, where and how your assets can be used is quite a mystery during the creative process. Join this webinar to learn how your organization can manage their rights use with a combination of best in class tools. Creating artwork will be safe and compliant regardless of what tool you are using, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 tools – from InDesign to Photoshop to PowerPoint.

Learn how to:

  • Connect to any data source including stock sites, shared drives, storage sites and DAMs to find desired assets
  • Check asset rights against the distribution plan including channel, market and timeframe
  • Gain visual alerts on “if” and when, where and how your assets can be used
  • Drill into usage details on usage exceptions and expirations

Creative Directors and DAM Managers no longer have to figure out the contractual terms of an asset. Knowing your rights has never been this easy!


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