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Picking Your DAM System

Picking a DAM can feel overwhelming; both excitement and uncertainty can lead you down a path that ends with a system that doesn't meet your needs.

A DAM is supposed to assist you and your organization enhance workflows, improve processes, create efficiencies, and make achievable both your organisation’s day-to-day goals AND its long-term objectives.

How do you find the right DAM for you?

There are three key actions to take when selecting a DAM platform: Engage, Explore, and Evaluate.

  • Engage your team.
  • Explore your needs/requirements.
  • Evaluate the options a DAM system provides that will enable you to meet those needs.

This webinar will discuss adopting a strategy for choosing a DAM system based on what you need it to do rather than what the system might be able to do for you.


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Asset Librarian
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
Senior Librarian

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What makes us unique: we’re platform-agnostic, with a staff of librarians who learn your workflow, then customize and integrate DAM software, hardware, and cloud-hosting options to meet your needs. We’ll support you however you need: designing a new system, optimizing an existing one, deploying, hosting, and tagging. We make DAM work—for you.