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Safe-Distancing Not Required: DAM and Collections Management Side-by-Side

Museums and cultural organizations must bring together a multitude of digital assets and object information to offer unique and meaningful experiences. Disparate digital asset and collection management systems, however, have made this a significant challenge. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how the DAM can be tied to a physical collection and manage all media in a single, integrated system.
Practical, real-life examples demonstrated and discussed for:

  • Tying digital assets to collections data
  • Managing ALL digital media in a single system for collection objects (analog and digital), exhibitions, media guides, online collection, displays and media installations, marketing, publications, presentations and research
  • Relating any asset to any other asset (collection objects and digital assets)
  • Seamless integration with any Collection Management System
  • Workflows for distribution of collections


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Museum Documentation and Digital Media
Humboldt Forum
Global Chair

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Established in 1992, eyebase has grown to be one of the largest DAM providers in Europe and has now launched in the USA. We proudly serve over 20,000 users managing assets in 7+ languages across 9+ countries. In its first years, eyebase  was a leading provider of Collection Management Systems, and now incorporates its experience and functionality with Collection Management in its core DAM solution.