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From storage to storytelling: DAM and the generative AI revolution

Generative AI is the next big technological revolution. This incredible innovation is going to have a huge impact on the creative process - and can already be implemented inside DAMs to redefine the creative supply chain.

In this session, we’ll discuss the difference between the AI we had until now and the generative AI revolution. We’ll look at examples of how people are using this new technology to generate content: text, audio and visual marketing assets.

We’ll then explain how you can easily integrate it into your DAM for greater user satisfaction - helping them quickly find the right assets with no need for keywords by understanding the content and context of the image. They’ll then be able to repurpose visuals at scale without complex editing software or any need for technical or design skills.


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Co-Founder and CEO

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Integrate Bria's creation API to help your users do more with their assets right in your DAM system. They’ll always find the visual they need with an image search that understands complex concepts and doesn’t rely on labels. Help them instantly apply brand book guidelines and repurpose existing assets - at scale.