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Current Trends in PropTech

PropTech continues to attract significant investment with the pandemic turbocharging many trends around the way we use real estate.

We are now emerging into the post pandemic world with a changing workplace, rising interest rates, energy price pressures, and the existential need to address ESG, sustainability, and climate change.

Led by Andrew Knight of RICS, along with Michael Crawford of Colliers, May Al-Karooni of Globechain, and Mark Tyson of Legal & General, this webinar will help to discuss the current trends in PropTech, including how operating and managing land and property has been radically changed over the last few years, and debate how the sector will evolve in 2023 and beyond.

  • What happened to the sector during and immediately after the pandemic.
  • What has the impact of PropTech been on existing property firms around skills, recruitment, culture, and the job roles of existing built environment professionals.
  • The changing role of the workplace, and how PropTech can support it.
  • The transition of PropTech start-ups into mature businesses within the technology sector.
  • How Apps act as a facilitator to how people manage, consume, and experience property.
  • How to scale Change Management and embed it into business operations.
  • How PropTech should address issues such as data ethics, data sharing, data transparency, and the governance and use of AI.
  • What is the future of PropTech when there is a backdrop of rising interest rates driving changes in investment trends and valuations?

Who should attend?

If you are involved in any way as a property service provider, occupier, owner or investor, working in either the private or public sector, this webinar addresses issues that may affect you. 


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