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How to Build an Inclusive Culture in the Property Workplace

Real Estate has long been described as an industry built on tradition, a sector which has been slow to adopt change and embrace ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ to its heart, but things are changing.

The demands of clients and attitudes of property users and the workforce, coupled with high profile movements like #metoo, #timesup and #blacklivesmatter has shone the spotlight on inclusion. People want to work in places where everyone feels included. Places where people can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive.  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is no longer a 'niche' to have but a key business imperative – inclusive workplaces have lower attrition rates and higher outputs per person. With such clear outcomes what actions can you take to create a workplace where people feel they are valued, that they belong, that they are included?

The panel, moderated by Kelly Canterford, founder of Tigrou Consulting, will explore:
•    What does an inclusive culture look like? 
•    What’s standing in the way of cultural change?
•    What are the fundamentals of creating an inclusive culture?
•    How can we engage with people in the dominant culture and ensure they feel included in the EDI journey?
•    What are the easy wins and what are the common mistakes people make at the start of their EDI journey?
•    How can we create meaningful and lasting change?


Director - Head of Diversity and Inclusion
Founder of Tigrou Consulting
Head of Responsible Business
Founder and Chairman of DiverseCity Surveyors
Head of UK & Ireland
Cushman & Wakefield