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First Sessions Announced

We are busy developing an exciting agenda for DAM for Healthcare Day so keep your eyes peeled for details. Register here to be the first to hear about new sessions and speakers!

In the meantime, check out the first 3 exciting sessions announced:

Improving the Governance of Consent and Authorization
A Mayo Clinic Case Study

What was the challenge? 

To know:

  • When consent and authorization is required to use non-diagnostic media
  • Which method to use

The context

Mayo Clinic operates in a highly regulated environment of research data standards, national regulations and local laws and regulations. The Media Asset Management system is an enterprise-wide utility with over 120,000 possible users. The usage and rights management must be robust enough to cover highly complex situations, yet simple enough for users to understand.

What was done

  • Established a shared understanding of best practices for consent and authorization of non-diagnostic media across the enterprise.
  • Updated methods and created new ones to cover the provision of consents and authorizations.
  • Created a quick reference guide explaining which method to use, when, and for which group of participants.
  • Delivered mandatory training for all MAM users that included robust consent and authorization training.

How it was done

  • We tracked questions related to media consent and authorization, highlighting common themes or misconceptions.
  • We worked with the privacy/compliance office as a true partner.
  • We collaborated with legal, HR legal/employee relations, enterprise compliance, and multimedia production services to ensure all regulations were evaluated and risks addressed. 
  • We used an instructional designer to build training materials with clear learning objectives and interactive modules.

The outcome

  • We have positive reviews of the course.
  • Now everyone is directed to one source of truth in the quick reference guide.
  • Adoption and compliance have improved
  • The number of assets that can be used externally has increased.

What do you wish you had done differently?

Built a shared governance structure earlier. It took a lot of time to build a fully shared understanding and to resolve issues.

What’s next?

Build a governing body for questions related to consent and authorization questions and concerns. The group has been authorized and a chair has been selected. Iterate, iterate and iterate!

DAM Harmonization and Getting to the Source of Truth

The Challenge:
How do you go from a decentralized, disjointed digital asset management experience where employees around the globe are uploading and duplicating assets across the company, to one unified DAM environment storing approved assets in alignment with enterprise taxonomies?

How do you advocate for something better and achieve widespread buy-in?

How do you tackle getting to the “source of truth”?

A case study with a successful outcome:
How one company aligned and harmonized their DAM with their stakeholders.

The change agent:
is a global healthcare technology leader – boldly attacking the most challenging health problems facing humanity with innovations that transform lives is what it does.

Amy Davis, DAM and Taxonomy Manager at Medtronic describes the harmonized approach they took to retire siloed experiences and make the DAM environment enterprise-wide for all their regions, businesses, and channels.

Using DAM to Scale Co-Branding Content
(and so much more)

How Spring Health seamlessly created 100+ brand templates.

It was new territory for Connie Bravo. She had recently joined Spring Health as their Senior Manager, Marketing Technology and Analytics.

One of her first big projects was to replace the company's old DAM system and set up a new one — something she had never done before.

This session covers how ONE: Connie successfully implemented her first DAM and TWO: increased its usage with self-serve brand templates.

This is a story of success – of getting it right first time, on time.


  • How Spring Health increased its DAM usage - including creating 160+ brand templates for internal and external stakeholders
  • The tactical challenges that prompted Spring Health to switch DAM systems in the first place
  • Connie's practical takeaways for successful implementation

Bring all your questions: on DAM, co-branding, content creation, and whatever you wish.

Connie Bravo and Erik Mohn, Customer Success Team Lead, Enterprise, at Frontify lead the Q&A.