Craig Perlmutter

Design & Research Ops Manager


Craig is a Design Program Manager for the HR SaaS, Personio. Previously, Craig has worked across Design and Research Operations for many years. He started working in this role at Lloyds Bank in 2015 where he set up their UX Research Labs (4 in total) and supported the growing mobilisation of Design Research. He then moved to working for the visual collaboration tool, MURAL for over a year as their first fully remote ResOps Lead, setting up processes and fostering key partnerships before moving to work for Personio. To begin with, Craig worked centrally, unblocking and refining design and research flows to enable the team to work at speed. He has recently moved to working as a Design Program Manager and is embedded across three different product areas as well as setting up the growing Ops practice for the company.

Craig thrives on challenges and is a great connector of people. He takes joy in simplifying workflows and bringing clarity to processes wherever and whenever he can.

What others say

HS Design Operations events provide me with the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in the industry and share learnings to help each other strive to be the most efficient and supportive teams we can be.

Antonia Duffin

HS Design Operations events are a new and unique format for meeting peers and exchanging about current developments in the industry - as well as a great way to grow the community. Enjoyed it a lot and looking forward to the next conference.

Florian Lindner
casavi GmbH

HS DesignOps events provided me with the opportunity to connect with similar minded professionals, who I can call friends! Sessions were engaging and provided me some valuable nuggets to take it forward and apply! 

Amit Tripathi