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Beyond DAM: Managing Content in Modern Business

DAM consists of management tasks and technological functionality surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of rich media digital assets such as photographs, animations, videos, and graphics to facilitate and maximize their use and reuse in marketing and business operations.

DAM involves not only the stewardship of digital assets — their every day care plus their long-term preservation — but also managing the people and activities that interact with those assets.  We must see DAM as more than a tool for managing digital assets — we must embrace it not only as a critical component of the content and marketing technology ecosystem, but also the foundation upon which to build consumer engagement.

But DAM is more than a sum total of its parts; it must include a detailed review and analysis of all those contributing factors to its success from digital assets, metadata, organization, workflow, security, archives, integration, and more. What was just DAM in the market, is now part of a mix of other systems to consider. DAM now plays a more connected or integrated role with many other systems from CMS to PIM, CRM, and more.

This session features several DAM leaders from the industry.  We will hear their perspectives on:

  • The evolution of DAM
  • Where we are today
  • Are our customers ready?
  • And… what is in store for them as they manage their content in a modern, complex business environment?


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Manager, Product Marketing
Executive Director, Insights and Analytics
Salt Flats
Sr. Strategic Solutions Architect
Director, Product Marketing - Content Experiences