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DAM Workflow & Collaboration

Making Digital Assets Even More Valuable

‘Workflow’ is the descriptive term for all the processes involved in how digital content is made, revised, approved, distributed, stored, accessed, and reinvented throughout the content’s digital lifecycle.

A DAM system aims to improve workflow efficiency through the automation of tasks such as ingestion, metadata creation, and authenticated access.

The key to achieving good workflow is by understanding the issues involved in identifying, capturing, and ingesting content into the system and by ensuring assets are easily accessible throughout the digital lifecycle (that’s what boosts enterprise-wide collaboration).

With multiple touch points along an asset’s life cycle, potentially spanning multiple versions and creative events of use and reuse, a DAM helps teams across an organization (not just IT staff), both in the present and the future, make collaborative, coordinated, educated decisions on the strategic use of digital assets – thereby increasing the values of those assets.

This DAM Workflow and Collaboration webinar presented by John Horodyski and Ryan Murphy of Salt Flats focuses on how DAM technology should manage the sequence of processes through which content passes - throughout its digital lifecycle.

Topics include:

  • Workflow Optimization: how a DAM should accommodate your projects.

            - How and when data is created and modified to streamline the process.

            - From content creation to access and permission control.

            - Through distribution to delivery.

  • When ingestion and integration is not so straightforward – common challenges and well-tried solutions.
  • Efficiency: how collaboration can be used for more than a “review & approval” process -   improving efficiency with customizable workflows throughout the creative process.
  • The power of metadata in workflow and collaboration: connecting content from creation to consumer; from idea to distribution via the creative workflow, making the content more accessible with every step it takes along its journey.
  • DAM collaboration tools to drive your creative workflows, synching assets across your marketing campaigns, and automating your digital asset life cycle – insights on when to use which tool to achieve the maximum benefit


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


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Salt Flats
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Salt Flats